It’s been Nacer knowing you

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It seems as though Nacer Chadli may be surplus to requirements.

Because he is one of the last of The Magnificent Seven still at the club and because the Belgian’s playing style is so far removed from that with which we associate our current coach, Chadli is a reminder of the days B.P., Before Pochettino.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, he is entering his fourth season with us, but despite playing in 88 games he has won few die-hard fans I think it’s fair to say. He has rarely had a run of starts. His injuries last season didn’t help but Pochettino’s lack of faith in players whose main strengths are out wide (eg Townsend, Lennon) means he will always struggle to find a place in Mauricio’s heart especially given the lack of a sports mode in his gearbox. If the impression he often gives that football is a non contact sport wasn’t allied to an alertness in front of goal (he scored 11 times in season 14/15) it’s doubtful he’d be anywhere near the first team. Being a lightweight in the tackle hasn’t done Christian Eriksen any harm but the Dane’s other skills more than compensate; Chadli doesn’t come with so many add ons.

In his prime at 26, he should be concerned that the jury’s still out on him. He has two years left on his contract which when wedded to the likelihood that he’ll be battling with a fit N’Jie, Son and possibly Nkoudou for a place on the bench let alone a starting spot, make it no surprise that we’d listen to offers for him if there were any.

Swansea are rumoured to be sniffing around and given the style of football they tend to play he’d fit in there. The move certainly did Gylfi some good, no reason why it wouldn’t do the same for Nacer.

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  1. Lamela is still found wanting against top class defenders… Nacer has not set the club alight…. Eriksen is defensively fragile but on the ball is master personified….Levy is the weakness is the scheme of things….


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