Jenas Concern Over Walker Exit

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Former Spur Jermaine Jenas has taken to social media to reveal his concern over the departure of Kyle Walker, who officially signed for Manchester City just yesterday.

According to SkySports, Manchester City have paid Tottenham an up front sum of £45 million, but with add-ons of an extra £5 million, the grand-total could eventually rise to £50 million, making Kyle Walker the joint most expensive defender in football.

However, according to The Daily Mail, the deal cost the Sky Blues as much as £54 million, which would make Walker outright the most expensive defender ever in football.

Former Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas announced on Twitter that he was worried about the message Tottenham were sending out, in selling one of their Team of the Year players of last season to a Premier League rival. He said:

“Wow Spurs fans thoughts on Kyle Walker to Manchester City? I think it’s great business for City. Surprised Spurs selling to a direct competitor.”

“£53 million great price, but not sure the message is we’re out to win the league. Hope I’m wrong.”

I understand what Jenas is trying to say, but I think this deal is better for Tottenham than for City. Sure, perhaps £54 million is mere spare change where Pep Guardiola’s concerned.

But this money allows us to realistically buy in two top class players, while we already have a right-back in Kieran Trippier ready to replace Walker, who’s arguably better than him in the first place.

I’m pleased with the deal, the money flatters Walker and I don’t consider us all that weakened by his departure. Do you agree with me, or are you on Jenas’ side?


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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Hate to see us sell a top player, but I really don’t think Trippier is a step down. So £50m+ for Walker — if spent well — could end up making us stronger. At least… we can hope!

  2. We have strengthened a rival

    I dont think Walker featured in Pochettinos plans but he is an excellent right back and will be missed

    It sends out the wrong message about our intentions and at present we are weaker than last season because of the sale

    If this is the only first team player we lose and we bring in a couple of fresh players that can be worthy additions to our talented young squad then it will be a satisfactory transfer window

    How long we can adhere to our pay structure and compete remains to be seen,we have one of the best stadiums in the world under construction,the best training facility in the UK and we are playing at an iconic stadium this season

    We have champions league football and are challenging for the title yet we seem to be struggling to attract players,clearly this indicates that money is the key

    Well done Poch and our young squad for an amazing achievement last season,lets hope we go forward and not backwards


  3. I’m going to have to side with jenas! It’s like how van persie left arsenal for man united. It makes the team and players look, look at Shaw I think if you paid 30 mill for him for one year from southHampton you should double the price for walker

  4. I understand what Jenas is trying to say.In fact every time he comments on Tottenham.It’s I’ll get you back for selling me.I’ll pretend to be a Tottenham fan but inside I’ll resent you.


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