Jenas Gives His Verdict On Season Ahead

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Former Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas has told The Independent that he foresees a difficult season ahead for Spurs despite having finished 3rd and 2nd in their previous two campaigns.

Twice in a row have Tottenham’s young and upcoming squad challenged for the Premier League title, with many of the Spurs faithful firmly believing that silverware is well on it’s way in North-London.

However Jermaine Jenas, who spent 8 years at the club from 2005-2013, believes the 2017-18 season will be Tottenham’s biggest test yet, as the team will no longer host in the fortress that was White Hart Lane, playing all home matches at Wembley instead next season.

That, partnered with Tottenham’s lack of signings so far compared to their big spending rivals, will possibly cause Spurs to lose their place in the top 4, according to Jenas.

Recently, Jenas revealed his disappointment in Tottenham’s decision to sell 27 year old right-back to Kyle Walker for £50 million. In an interview with The Indepent, Jenas explained his concerns, stating:

“The disappointing thing from a Spurs point of view is that Walker has gone to Manchester City, and in doing so he has massively strengthened a competitor for that Premier League title.”

“The other side to that is that Spurs were always going to sell to the highest bidder, and the clubs in the Premier League have the most money.”

In spite of these reservations, Jenas urged the Tottenham fans to rally behind beloved manager Mauricio Pochettino during this time of transition.

“From the club’s perspective they should trust the manager,” He added. “He has gone way over and above in terms of being able to earn that trust from the fans. If it was his decision to sell Kyle then I’m sure he has a plan in place.”

“He has nurtured Kieran Trippier into a position where he will play a number of games this year, and I’d be surprised if he didn’t bring in someone with more experience to help out.”

However, Jenas did go on to reveal one final concern, claiming that the restrictive wage structure currently in place could eventually hurt the club in the future if it isn’t gradually phased out. He said:

“There will always be the odd player that will say ‘I’m a better player than that player sat across me in the England dressing room, and he’s getting double the amount of money as me’.”

“Some players reach a certain stage in their careers where they feel they need to earn more money.”

In spite of this, Jenas did also state that he does not believe it will cause problems in the immediate future, concerning Tottenham’s younger stars like Harry Kane and Dele Alli.

“Tottenham have got a younger squad,” He said. “players such as Dele, Harry Kane and Eric Dier are younger players with time on their hands and on good money.”

I don’t think Jenas needs to tell us to support Poch! What do you make of these comments?




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  1. Jenas should date Cassandra & talk about the fall of Troy, so much gloom & doom.
    Let Levy & Poch run the club !!!!


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