Kane will leave if he can’t win silverware believes Sky Pundit

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Harry Kane will leave Tottenham if they do not win a trophy anytime soon believes Sky Sports pundit Tony Cottee.

Kane signed a new, improved contract at last month ahead of the World Cup and has been linked with a move to Real Madrid in the past and his six goals for England this summer would only have alerted the Spanish giants even more.

West Ham and Everton legend Cottee believes Kane is keen on winning trophies and believes he could move on if they do not arrive at Spurs.

“Every club in the World is going to be after Kane this summer,” Cottee told sportingbet.Harry Kane can achieve everything he wants at Spurs. However, sooner or later, Tottenham have to win a trophy.

Cottee added: “It’s not enough for Tottenham just qualify for the Champions League, it doesn’t compare to winning it or winning the league. Until Spurs win a trophy, they will always risk losing Kane.He won’t go through his career without winning trophies.”

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  1. Is it Groundhog Day? Hear this every week from some tired old bitter pundit that hates Spurs. Find something else to talk about.

  2. Ah the words of a mental pygmy Tony Cottee. That little fat has been should stick to affairs concerning West Ham United, like why they’ve been shit for decades and playing in a rented non atmospheric athletics stadium instead of talking about things he knows nothing about.

  3. What a load of claptrap from an overrated has been. The only thing that’s certain is this dickheads hatred of all things Spurs.

  4. Nothing more to say, my colleagues have put it all so succinctly. Sad thing is Mr Cottee thinks it is an original thought!

  5. I think every footballer wants to win trophies and have something to look back on his career I think as long as the squad improves each year and mr levy puts his hand in his pocket to get the players poch wants and Harry feels the squad is getting better then I think he’ll stay for a while the moment he feels it’s going the other way I think he’ll be off most likely Spain ?


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