King dismisses Clattenburg’s comments as pointless

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Speaking to Sky Sports Ledley King has said Mark Clattenburg’s recent controversial comments about how he refereed our match against Chelsea in May 2016 are “pointless” and “the game is history”.

Earlier this week Clattenburg confessed he allowed Spurs to “self-destruct” in their 2-2 draw with Chelsea so that he could not be blamed for Leicester securing the Premier League title.

The article says how the former Premier League referee exclusively told Sky Sports News on Monday that he does not regret his officiating in what became known as the ‘Battle of the Bridge’.

However, our former captain King, says he is surprised Clattenburg has commented on the game.
“It was a long time ago, 18 months now and that’s gone, so I didn’t really see the point of the comments and at the same time I don’t know why they are blown up so much as well because the game has gone and I just saw it as a little bit pointless really,” King told Sky Sports News.

King added: “It is 18 months ago, he’s obviously come out and said that but it’s gone and finished, it’s done and dusted.At the time he did the job the way he saw fit, I don’t really see any point in talking about it afterwards about what you could have done, what you could have changed. We have moved on and that’s history now.”

King was at the London Academy of Excellence in Tottenham Gary Mabbutt, who was asked whether referees should be encouraged to talk more about events on the pitch. “Well I think there is a lot of debate about that”, Mabbutt said. “I think some people would like referees to come out more often after matches and say I made a mistake in the game, it should have been a penalty, I shouldn’t have sent him off.

He added “But the thing is you can’t change the decision, once it’s been made it’s been made. They gave what they saw so I’m a person that thinks, do you want referees to explain every single decision? Probably not, leave that to the fans in the pubs to talk about.”

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