Live Match Chat: Liverpool vs Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Come and join us for every kick, groan and goal in our live Tottenham Hotspur chat room.

Watch the match unfold with your fellow Spurs fans, if you’re yet to register – click here select your chosen username, follow the pointers and then click the ‘Chat‘ tab at the top right of the page and you’ll then by joined by plenty of other Yids.

We’ll see you in there.  COYS



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  1. Yeah Tim we don’t need sandro or dembele we got bentalab siggy good work , rose and naughton are great crossers brilliant changes
    And not to forget Lennon is a great crosser,tackler,brilliant at heading the ball and playing through balls. Tim you should run in the next general election you surely know what your doing.

  2. I try to take the positives from this match and all I can think of is were one game nearer the end of the season. Where hopefully Spurs will assess what went wrong. Sacking a manager after giving him the biggest transfer budget ever, without a serious replacement is bad business. It's not Tim Sherwood's fault AVB couldn't get it right either. Ever since Sherwood has been in charge everyone and his uncle has been put up for his job. The latest is Van Gaal it seems it's a done deal according to the media. We now have a manager who sits in the stand as a spectator and his contribution appears to be that of a supporter. The players a hiding on the pitch, looking for that touch so they can claim injury so they don't have to take responsibility for the sham and amateur performance we have had to watch week in and week out over the last couple of months. One draw from all the games we have had with teams in the top four. Is disastrous . I have no doubt about Mr Levi's business acumen but when it comes to the football side he hasn't got a clue time and time again he makes mistakes and every time we appear to be getting it right the spanner gets thrown into the mix. What Mr Levy has to do is pick his manager (Van Gaal or not) ask him what he wants and who he needs get rid of the hanger on's. Stand behind the manager and build stability.


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