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With excitement building as this weekend’s game against Liverpool approaches, I thought I’d find out what the mood is in Kloppville. I caught up with Barry, a friend’s father and a life-long Red who can remember St John, Toshack and Dalglish as well as Ruddock, Scales and Carroll so is in a great position to comment.

First of all, what do you make to Liverpool’s start to the season? Three away games in a row I notice, how much of a detrimental effect will that have?

Three away games should not have made a lot of difference, we are normally set up to play as well, if not better, away from home. However, Burnley confounded that theory!!.

Were you happy with the summer wheeling and dealing? Was strengthening done in the right areas? There have certainly been plenty of comings and goings in defence.

Sadio Mané adds a completely new dimension, his impact this season will be significant, no doubt about it.  Still, I feel we need another centre half and definitely a left back (can’t believe we haven’t signed one).

What’s going on with Daniel Sturridge do you think? Did Klopp’s inferences about his low pain threshold put him in a strop he’s not snapped out of yet? Odd that he played four, injury free games in two weeks for England during the summer…

I think he will always be close to the next injury, brilliant when fit and settled in a run, but it hasn’t happened since his first 2 seasons. Certainly not often enough to be able to build around him. We’ll have to play that one by ear.

Which individual’s performances have improved the most since Jurgen klipp, klippetty, Klopped up the Anfield stairs? Ie, which ones have responded best to his coaching?

Lovren and Sakho both showed progress and promise under Klopp’s guidance toward the end of last season. This season Origi, Can and Firmino all look like they’ve benefited the most from the confidence Klopp seems so able to instill in his players.

What’s the general opinion about the Fenway Sports Group? A lot of hot air or are they finally delivering?

Fenway Sports Group appear to be good custodians of the club, never quite sure where they are with transfer funds though. We haven’t actually spent much this summer, is that Klopp’s choice or the purse strings?

Any idea how the ground modifications are shaping up? Does the expanded stand fit in nicely or are we in lop-sided St James’s Park territory?

All looks very promising to me, and they listened with regard to ticket prices. Interesting to see whether with possible Chinese investment they expand even more.

In terms of fruit sizes, where a grape is “no fit forwards and a defence that doesn’t know each from Adam, I’ll be happy with 8th again” and a prize-winning water melon is “no European distractions, a great start and a manager who knows his how to win? Title number 19 here we come!” how optimistic are you for the season?

We can never be happy with 8th, we need top four minimum to attract players next year. The title is probably a step too far this season, so maybe oranges and lemons with a few apples thrown in. Not convinced about this fruit-based analogy thing. Regardless, my son (Christian), your friend, assures me you are a bit of a plum. [Harsh!]

Any thoughts on Spurs? One season wonders or do you think they’ll need to be taken seriously again this year?

I don’t believe Spurs are one season wonders, we’ll all know more by the end of November I expect. How will they cope with Champions League football, balancing the team on all fronts?

And finally, a prediction for Saturday’s game please.

Depends which LFC turn up, anything either side of a 2-2 draw.

Many thanks Barry. 

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