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3pts in the bag this weekend but lost 3 against united so where does that leave us? Still looking up to big brother Southampton, Liverpool, United! “But Eddie this doesn’t mean Spurs are out of UCL spot” technically speaking no that is correct, honestly speaking yes they are. Spurs goal difference is going to come into play come May, mark my words and not to say if we keep playing like league one team our chances keep getting smaller and smaller. I am not trying to put down league one teams, hell I bet those teams would probably give Spurs a run for their money and embarrass them but at times I feel Spurs are playing like a lower division team.

Here’s what I personally think Spurs are doing wrong, they keep letting off the pedal when we start getting ahead, 2 goals and all of the sudden is like they just want to pass or drop back but never keep pushing forward. I highly doubt MP has anything to do with this because you can clearly see him on the sideline screaming why people are not going forward. When a team is leaving the pitch open you are obligated to pin them against the wall and make them pay. I have never been a believer of letting off the gas pedal when you can easily score on someone. You make teams pay, it does not matter if you win by 5 or 10 goals, show no mercy because at the moment you left off the gas you are bound to make mistakes and the other team can capitalize on that. This weekend was the prime example of that and we almost paid for it. Lots of holes will need to be addressed this summer and I sure hope Levy gives MP what he desperately needs. I am not going to elaborate on this as we all know those needs. I do however want to comment on the recent rumors from podcasts, web etc that I keep hearing.

OK 1st off, Jackson Martinez isn’t going to happen, I keep hearing many sources linking him to us and Liverpool and to be frank, I just don’t see Levy spending that kind of money. He is very happy at Porto and he is their captain and playing well in UCL; players like him are usually hard to lure away. My understanding is that he is going for around 30-40 million so I don’t think this rumor is legit and honestly Liverpool probably battle Spurs for his signature. 2nd, Falcao is the other rumored player to come to WHL. I am 50/50 on this; does he make sense in our squad? Yes he will pair up nicely with Kane and provide him with good leadership and knowledge to be a top striker. Falcao will probably have more ability to jump in and be a force immediately; he fits MPs coaching style since Pekerman’s style with Colombia is very similar. Yesterday I read a piece in the Colombian newspaper site, they met with Falcao to discuss his current situation and what is he thinking about the summer. He stated that clearly he needs to look at this options and go somewhere where he can have playing time and he’d like to stay in the premier league as he feels he will improve his game by staying in England. When asked about where he’d like to go, he said somewhere where he can help build a dynasty and make a difference and help attract high quality players. Ok call me crazy but this speaks SPURS all over, we as fans have been saying it, Levy talks about it and so does MP so maybe this is something that is in the works, maybe not, we shall see. He did however, said that he is aware his salary demands have to drop drastically so he can accommodate playing for anyone in or outside of England. Whether this happens I am not sure but this could benefit us if the two parties can work out wage demands as well as the fee Monaco is looking for. I am looking forward to see Colombia play as Pekerman said in the press conference that Falcao will be starting the two friendlies.

Spurs have 8 matches to play, 24 points that will give them 77 for the season. Out of those possible points (if Spurs were to win every game) I find 9 possible points (Southampton, City and either Everton or hull hard to beat simply because of how hard it was to beat them 1st time out) hard to obtain, leaves Spurs with 68. With that total I don’t see a top 4 at all and it leaves relying on results from United, Liverpool and Southampton and honestly that is never good to have to depend on another team so you can make the cut. Spurs road got tougher after the loss to United, and that even left me thinking if the team is drained and tired. I’m honestly worried but if they don’t make UCL my thoughts are that Spurs look at making the right adjustments, bringing 3 or 4 players that are going to help make the team stronger and keep the other core of players together so Spurs can challenge in the next season. Honestly a break from European football (Europa) would be welcomed so the team can focus on domestic competitions and build strength and confidence.

I am confident but realistic as well, I know that Spurs can do and quite frankly I think the team is going to get better if we keep our manager and add THE RIGHT KIND of players the team needs. This is the most stressful part of the season because of the uncertainty of how well the team is going to push towards the end.

Either way Come On You Spurs!!

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