The Media, The Pressure and The Reality…


If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you will notice that I write about my opinions and not those of the media. My opinions are based on what I see, what my fellow Spurs fans tell me and the reality.

The media seem to jump on a player’s back and make him a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong. Then they jump on another player who is the best since Pele or Maradona and can be the best player in the World when in reality, neither is true.

Is the Premier League the best league in the World, no, not by a long-shot but we have the media circus behind us. This encourages sponsorship and advertising which brings in funds which in turn enables teams to pay the fees and wages required for top players. As I’ve previously mentioned, this doesn’t guarantee they will join the Premier League and as we all saw in the Summer, often we cannot attract the very best.

So is Andros Townsend as good as Bale, is Aaron Ramsey a superstar overnight, would anybody care how bad Joe Hart has been if he wasn’t English. This same media made players like Darren Bent, Peter Crouch and Andy Carroll change clubs for 10’s of millions of pounds and yet, at best, they are bottom of the Premier League quality.

My point of this article is: When we win a game, we are not Championship challengers, when we lose, we are not a team of no-hopers. In reality, I wanted qualification from the Europa group as soon as possible, allowing us to use fringe and reserve players in the final games. I wanted us to progress in the Capital One Cup, both of which are looking good. I hoped for seven points from Aston Villa and Newcastle United at home and Everton and Manchester City Away in the league, currently appears reachable.

Let’s stop believing the media hype/dross and remember that there are other teams better placed to finish above us in the league and others that we should finish above. Let us also remember that although some new signings such as Paulinho and Capoue (Prior to his injury) are settling well, others need longer to settle. We need to rise above the media who are trying to tell us that these players are not good enough and give the players time and our support. Once they have been given this and they are given the time on the pitch, then we will be ready to pass our judgement. Then, should they be deemed not good-enough, they will be judged by the THFC faithful not some newspaper or so-called pundit. These pundits are getting worse by the game and I’m finding myself disagreeing with more and more of them. With the exception of a select few, all they want to do is tell us that player A is the best or player B is awful.

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