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Despite the fact that I know that you’re a fool if you believe, however tempting it may be, pretty much any of the summer transfer window rumours linking Spurs to just about everyone, I have been taking some comfort in the fact that most of the attacking players we’ve been apparently showing an interest in are of the speed merchant category. Llorente is the exception but Berahino, Sane, Martial, N’Jie and Werner all have a bit of whippet about them. (I know, I know – they’re all unsubstantiated rumours).

Other than Kane’s ability to be in the right place at the right time the major characteristic of much of our attacking play last season was its plodding lack of pace. Not one of our regular forwards, leaving out Townsend for now, is capable of leaving anyone other than Per Mertesacker standing when it comes to a foot race – Erik Lamela in fact, like a road cyclist uncomfortable away from the pelleton, seems to specialise in coming back to the chasing pack in the shortest possible time whilst losing as much of his balance as he can.

In the headiest of the Redknapp days it was the explosiveness of Bale and Lennon that provided the threat and created the openings and whilst the former is now in Madrid (but better appreciated in Monmouth) the latter is still with us, but also somehow not with us. As we search for someone to galvanise our attack in much the same way Everton’s was after January I suspect I’m not the only one wondering why the player responsible for that is not being given a chance at Spurs. He must’ve done something very bad.

Without pace against them defenders can push up and compress and crowd attackers and even Kane’s strength and determination can’t see him past everyone all the time as he found in the final ten games or so of last season when he became a marked man and his strike rate dropped accordingly. With some speed to face, defenders have to drop off and be aware of the gaps behind them thus leaving more space for Harry currently our main, and if Adebayor and Soldado go, which seems very likely, our only goal threat up front.

Without an increase in our mph, defending against us will be easy. Pritchard and Dele Alli will get some games next season and provide a bit of momentum in the middle but it’s further forward that something is very desperately needed. Sadio Mane would be a terrific addition to our side in my opinion, bundles of speed, an attitude and an eye for goal. The chances of finding an exact replica are slim but that would be my number one priority and I’m hoping that if I’m reading between the Newsnow lines correctly, I’m right in saying that it’s Pochettino’s too.


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  1. I think you will find we are dealing with the problem the other way round. Instead of buying fast players, we are? supplying all the other teams with some of our slower players. Shhhhhhhh

  2. We need to settle the strike force deficit sooner than later.
    I'd like to see an offer for Hernandez (experienced journeyman) and then buy N'jie or Benzima. Agree with the need for speed, but Townsend is not consistent enough and I guess Lennon is out.

  3. Please get us the midfield playmaker we so desperately need …plus the left winger we crave (note – not another right winger, because either Townsend or Lennon would step up on the right side if we had 'proper' balance on the left again). I don't expect another Modric and Bale …but getting similar additions (especially with the squad we already have) could complete finally the jigsaw. Along with, of course, another striker …any striker touted with us recently assist Kane and/or provide an alternative up front.

  4. Spurs should get the best young striker to support Kane- the Brazilian Gabriel Barbosa (19) of Santos! And Chris is right we need a dm for when Nabil is away- Adrian Rabiot or Yori Telemans please. And a future star left winger like Viktor Fischer to overtake chadli one day!

  5. I couldn't agree more. We need the counter-attack threat and the potential for an over the top race to the ball. Pair a striker who provides that with HK and we're a far more dangerous team.

  6. BTW, In 2014-15 N'JIe scored 7 goals in 30 games, but has, on average played half a game a time, so equivalent to 15 games. Quite a good return. He has shot accuracy of 73%, better than Kane and Austin. He created 1.5 chances per 90 minutes, identical to Chadli.

    Could we do with him? Quite possibly if he performs as well in the EPL. Is he the best we can get for what we need right now? No. We need Austin and Berahino or Austin and Hernadez. 70 games. Kane played 50 or so last season. How good were we without him? We need someone of similar ilk plus a speedy inside forward of the Defoe style. We also need a solid Schneiderlin-type midfielder. Leroy Fer fits the bill perfectly.

    Job done. BTW, there would be plenty of games for three strikers. They would all play and sometimes we would have two up front …


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