MF’s Match Report: Tottenham 0-1 Newcastle United

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Oh dear. Straight after the game, it’s hard to know where to start. A very disappointing result that judging from the conversations going on around me on the train on the way home has got the moaners getting comfortable and the blame culture club ready to start renewing subscriptions.

But with better finishing we’d have won this at a canter. Don’t get me wrong, our narrow and slow performance in the first half resembled some of the many frustrating days we experienced last season and under Redknapp, but it was very much one nil to the Trim Krül rather than to the Newcastle. If any one of a number of players had angled their shots away from the keeper rather than within an arm’s length then the chances are that the Geordies would be facing a long journey home cursing the inability of Sissoko and Cabaye to cope with the vibrancy of Sandro and Remy and Ameobi to deal with the power of Kaboul.

Except that these two dominant influences on the second half were exactly that, only there in the second half. Sandro’s energy and timing was crucial and faultless, Kaboul’s strength and decisiveness tellingly contradictory to Chiriches’s fannying about. In hindsight it’s easy to question why Sandro wasn’t there from the start, but AVB was after more creativity from the middle than he’d seen against Hull thus the Beast was sacrificed. More questionable is the introduction of Defoe instead of Lamela when Siggy’s mostly anonymous performance was brought to a close. Townsend on the left with the blossoming Argentine on the right maybe? Instead Eriksen took over on the left(ish) whilst the play got ever more suffocated through the middle. Defoe and Soldado scrabbled for time and space but found none.

We should’ve won, we deserved to win…but we didn’t. “I blame the manager, he only wants to win the Europa League”, “Paulinho, what’s the point”, “we should buy Carlo Scoragolo”. It wasn’t the best performance in the world, unless you’re talking about the opposition keeper, in which case it was. Personally I blame the chairman and the manager, but only for raising expectations.

Remembrance Sunday maybe, but a game to forget.

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  1. Couldn't agree more with the first paragraph, the moaners and the blame culture club will be in their element.
    Maybe what we needed was a skinny Brazilian to throw himself to the ground in injury time to get us a draw, but I'll take an honourable defeat any day, and this was honourable.
    I read the player ratings on goal,com and I must have missed Newcastle dominating the game. Lots of people with no idea about the game will knifing the team in the back.

  2. Spurs were awful in the first half.

    Newcastle sat back in the second half which gave Spurs more chance to attack and Spurs play improved, mainly because Dembele was off the pitch..

    Paulinho kept losing the ball and when he did manage a pass, it was always backwards. He is one of the worst midfield players I have seen at Spurs.

    Sigurdsson was not involved in the game at all and is too inconsistent.

  3. Unbelievably poor set up for the game. Why do we play two defensive midfielders? Paulinho and Dembele were not shocking just today, the have been shocking for a while. Sandro in front our back four is more than enough. I can begin to see a problem with us having too many players, too many. Erikson is no way near ready to play in the Premier League and today was simply poor. We can play 4-2-3-1 especially at our small pitch at White Hart Lane. 4-4-2 and we will be flying again just like last season when we went on such good unbeaten run. Lamela and Soldado may make a good strikers partnership by all means. We need just this little bit of magic that can be called Lamela. That way Lennon and Townsend will compete for the right wing and Chadli and Guify for the left. But In the middle has to Holtby and Sandro until Paulinho or Dembele or Capoue or Eriksen show something coming from the bench. 4-4-2 and Lamela

  4. Please no more of AVB why always us, Lennon, Sandro, Defoe, Kabul, Hotby should have all started, joke is on us the fans again……..

  5. I'm glad I opted to work today, too many times over the last two seasons when I've chose to watch Spurs over work I have regreted that choice. The footy being served up is dire, we are giving away points. We resemble a poor version of arsenal under George Graham. It's hard to defend this team


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