Michael Dawson: Oh England my Lionheart

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy
Read this with Kate Bush singing this song in the background. It will make my article 10 times more poignant ! Here is a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ydls3iAcs0A
Daws is the kind of player every team is desperate for – he is passionate, faithful and self sacrificing. He is a leader. English in an English team – we have always had a Dawson in the team. We always need someone like him. There was The King, Mabs, Stevie Perryman, Alan Mullery, Dave Mackay, Danny boy, even Joe Kinnear, Cyril Knowles, Phil Beal, Mike England, Graham Roberts, and Razor deserve a mention. It is what makes a British team British. It is a cultural thing. To understand and to relate to the fans you have to be British and passionate. If you have that passion it is usually spent on one team. Why do you think Terry and Lampard have lasted so long at Chelsea. Why Rooney is so valuable to United and Gerrard to Liverpool. City are the exception but they are not an English team ! Mourinho, Ferguson, Shankly, even Harry (just so we can relate!) and all sensible managers understand that the back bone of a team has to be players from that country. Puyol is another easy example for Spain and Barcelona or Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid). If you have that passion it is usually spent on one team. So it is a rare commodity and not easily transferable. Hard to buy it in the short term. Pat Jennings was a Spurs man through and through – he loved Spurs and we all loved him ! But some idiot sold him to the Arse where he performed but he was not passionate. I always shed a tear when I think of how he was mistreated (not this story !). The point being we should appreciate that Daws, and players like him, bring a lot more to the club than other players. He is the figurehead – the epitome of what it is to be a Spur.
As a figurehead and as the number one man, in the dressing room and on the field, it is important he also has the steel and ability to carry this off. Here comes the point of this article ! He is still Michael Dawson – passionate, heart on sleeve but he does get turned too often and he is getting slower. We all fear the match ups with fast centre forwards and dread when the small great players such as Aguero, Silva, Suarez, Hazard cut inside and expose him. So it is time for us to find a new top man.
So luckily we have groomed a young Englishman to take his place. Tall, strong, understands the passion, hard in the tackle, uncompromising, in short a Lionheart. Young Steven Caulker is now ready to fill the void Daws will leave behind. So…………………..   so what twat sold him ? Now I blame AVB and Levy for this debacle. AVB would not promise Caulker playing time and convinced Levy that we had plenty of cover. So we sold him ! We had so much cover that Fryers and Capoue have played there !! No non-British player can fill that Lionheart void. Kaboul and Verts are candidates but we would be a poorer team for it. Vertonghen has already talked about “decisions” if we don’t make Champions League and frankly Kaboul is too injured. Chiriches needs to concentrate on his game so we have no-one. Nobody – we have absolutely no-one. This is as bad for us as the lack of full backs or the depth in strikers.
Thank goodness for Lionhearted Michael Dawson this season.

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  1. This bulldog spirit, warm and fuzzy, love in for Dawson would be fine if he were a better player. Yes, he sacrifices his body, and gives his all for the cause but that doesn't make him a good player. You touched on the fact that he is slow, and has the turning circle of a tank, but what you fail to mention is his distribution is woeful. It is fine to win the ball but if you insisting on the thumping it 40 yards with a limited success rate what have you achieved? Ever game I watch Dawson play I find myself screaming abuse at him for his poor positional sense and his propensity for the long ball. He maybe the nicest bloke at the club but if he is leading by example God help us. I hope we bring in Micah Richards in the Summer and move Dawson to the bench.

  2. Trying to figure out the purpose of this article. Firstly Caulker ASKED for a move. Get it? How can any manager guarantee a youngster first team football who has only played a handful of games. AVB played him more than 'Arry. Yet 'Arry wasn't questioned. Also if he would have gotten the guarantee it would have been in place of Dawson, the player this article is about.
    So…..im a little confused here.
    Just because a player throws himself in the way of a shot occasionally (more often than not the shot that would not have come if he had done his job in the first place) does not make him a certain starter. Michael Dawson has made more errors than the rest of the team combined, and been at fault for more dropped points also. If the only prerequisite to get into the team is being an "English lionheart" then God help us. I would rather a player who CAN defend, does not get beaten EVERY time he is one one with an opponent, does not try the cross field diagonal ball that NEVER works over and over, that does NOT hoof the ball into row Z. Over a player who throws himself in the way of balls that he should have defended properly in the beginning.
    I like Michael Dawson as a person. As the leader of my team. Not so much.
    To be fair also. Caulker isn't much better. Slow and also gets turned easily.
    If these players were so good why aren't any of the other title contenders or big "foreign" clubs enquiring for their services?

    • The point of the article is simple – a British team needs a British heart – without it we are Manchester City. I want to be Tottenham Hotspurs- "the Yids" not a team of mecernaries. I was giving Daws the kudos he deserves without him we might be marginally better at footy but we would not be able to identify with the club nor could any new British supporters. Caulker asked to leave after he spoke to AVB who emphasised the depth at that position not realising the Lionheart issue that I tried to highlight.

  3. Kompany is not English and is the best defender in the league. Away to Newcastle we didn't have 'your bulldog' playing and our back four looked better than its ever been. Kaboul is better FULL STOP!! and I think had he been fit more this season we would be higher up the table. This bulldog mentality is so oldskool and is the main reason England as a national team has been left behind other european nations when it comes to keeping the ball.

    • Explain your opinion that the "oldskool" doesn't work to the top teams in Germany and Spain !! Their successful teams have always had a strong domestic backbone. Think back to any successful British team (apart from current Man City) -ie Keane, Bruce, Scholes, Stiles, Robson, Charlton and Charlton at United.

      I agree that Kaboul is technically better than Dawson – that wasn't the point of the article. There are lots of players better than Dawson, it is what else players like him bring to the table that was the point !

      • The game today game reflects not only this article's validity but also your one about "kick up the arse". There's no way we deserve atop 4 place considering our results against teams above us. Ive changed my mind, forget 4th and just go for the Europa!!


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