One very unhappy Tottenham report vs Norwich City

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Apart from a brief ten minute spell after Soldado came on this was unremittingly awful. The bovine ‘passing’ of Dawson, the callowness of Bentaleb and the Tom Hanks like isolation of Adebayor made you almost pine for AVB when at least all these things seemed to be happening on purpose.

The ineptness of our full backs was shameful, the fact that Dawson was lowering the bar even further embarrassing. The midfield was slow to support in attack and weak in the tackle in defence. Even during the all too brief period when things appeared to be knitting together, when Soldado was linking well with Badebayor, Lennon and Dembele, we were let down by the finishing of the front two who failed to hit the target with a number of presentable opportunities. Our spell of dominance (in the loosest sense) ended when Sherwood brought Townsend on and we went three at the back thus allowing Norwich to break into the extra space. Our three was effectively one given the form of Dawson and Naughton and that was that. Norwich looked more likely to add to their lead rather than us reduce it.

Only Dembele, Vertonghen, Chadli (though he should have scored) maybe Lennon and of course Lloris escape with any credit in my opinion, most of the rest should be marked as negatives out of ten if possible.

The frustration of the fans around me was mostly based on our lily livered unadventurousness. Both sides were awful at the start; we just hoped we’d be the first to snap out of it, we never did though. We weren’t good enough to match them for endeavour and organisation, it was clear from very very early on that the situation was crying out for the double-pronged, more gung-ho approach that Sherwood first succeeded with when he came into the job. As it was we got sucked into a war of attrition that made the inflatable human hamster wheel race at half time look like the very definition of joy.

What’s happened to Kaboul? 90 minutes against Newcastle and then gone. I said at the start of the season that this was a big season for him and Sandro, principally due to their liking for stretcher-based transportation and both so far have been found lacking.

I despair.

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  1. I dont normally comment but yesterday was an abysmal performance. Just watching Dawson in the tunnel before entering the fray did not look right at all. He looked all out of sorts as if he did not want to be there. No sign of being relaxed or as a captain looking behind and encouraging your team mates.
    I cant see us getting that elusive 4th place, but stranger things have happened!!

  2. As with some other posts I have read today I can safely say that this performance to me is totally unacceptable and is as bad as being beaten by West Ham at home twice in a row in the space of a few days.

    I watched this at home on the TV with my father in law and I it was difficult to not shout abusive language at the TV, it might not have gone down very well. I was so angry at the final whistle because I had just seen a bunch of players that are supposed to be representing our team not even bother turning up.

    I am not a Tim Sherwood fan and this display very much justifies that perpective. I thought Tim had done OK so far but the display on Thursday and this one at Norwich are not acceptable. He keeps playing Bentaleb and he keeps getting found out, I would give anything to understand just what he thinks he is acheiving by constantly having Bentaleb in the starting XI.

    If there are any further displays like these two I would not be surprised if Daniel Levy's trigger finger started getting a bit itchy!!!

  3. Yesterday was an absolute disgrace. Can someone tell me why on earth he brought Chadli on instead of Eriksen. For me that cost us the game. It was a very Spursy performance when all is said and done. No passion, no commitment and no belly for the fight. All 11 players are better than Norwich's but if you don't match work-rate, you're done for.
    The only positive was it finally killed off my delusional hopes of top 4 – the season cannot finish soon enough

    • Sorry, what an arrogant, deluded load of tosh. Whilst I would be delighted to relieve you of Adebeyor or Lennon, I wouldn’t say thank you if you offered us Dawson, Paulinho or Dembele, even if we were in the Championship.

  4. It was awful just bloody awful, these are the games we should be winning by 3 or 4 like we did against Newcastle, playing like this we will just hand 4th spot to pool who no doubt will be feeling delighted, we are now relying on at least one of the others having a bad run but although Swansea deserved to win yesterday Liverpool found a way of getting the points and that's what matters most, I just hope that if we can't get 4th we end up 6th so no Europa next season under Mr Van Gaal.

  5. Totally agree with all the above postings. I had given Ts the benefit so far, but yesterday proved he is as clueless as AVB was, and the syle (ha ha) was back to AVB’s negative rubbish. All except Loris, Lennon and Dembele should be fined for just not turning up for work. My heart sank when I saw Naughons name and once again he passed more back than forward. Rose is total rubbish as a left “back” (seemed to be anywhere but back), Paulino has spectacularly failed to deliver all season,Cadli and Rose could not cross the ball. Quite why Eriksen is not playing mystifies me. Get Tom Carroll back and give him a chance – the season is now dead and he has got to be better than what we have seen in the past week. The only consolation I can take from Sunday is that my local team Norwich are a little safer than they were!

  6. Tim, we were the favourites to win. You should have attacked from the start. My heart sank when I saw the starting 11.

    What logic is starting Bentaleb and do you think Levy does not mind you benching the higher paid players?

  7. That was probably the worst performance I've seen from a Tottenham side in years. No commitment, no urgency, no nothing. We could hardly even put 2 passes together at times and constantly when on the counter a sloppy pass behind the player would result in Norwich getting their numbers back. We deserved all we got from that game. Tim is starting to make all the wrong decisions that got AVB sacked. Why Eriksen is on the bench I'll never know, when there's players who I can't remember the last time they had a good game get picked week in week out. As the article I read the other says, They all need a kick up the Arse.


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