So first of all, who are you and why are you a Swansea fan?

I’m Kevin Elphick, 26 years of age and have been editor of Vital Swansea since 2005 after starting my first SCFC website in 2001. I can’t even remember my first Swansea game so my father must have taken me down at a young age. My first memory though was sitting up in the East Stand and I was soon hooked and buying my first season ticket – £60 I think it was!

How’s your season been so far? Only two wins in your last ten and just three points above 18th place. Is this a good time to play you?

It hasn’t been quite as exciting and as successful as last season, that’s for sure. The Europa League has taken it’s toll and together with our ever-growing injury list, we’re struggling for League wins now. Our recent form must be within the bottom three so you could definitely say it’s a good time to play us, particularly as our home form isn’t what it used to be. After playing Spurs, we then host Fulham, so if we fail to get a win this Saturday then we’ll have our first must win game of the season against Fulham in my eyes.

Do you still pinch yourself on a Saturday morning or has the Premier League, European football and winning trophies become somewhat passé?

I think we’re all getting used to it now, and I’m confident we’ll have our fourth season in the top flight next year. Having said that, we always look back to where we’ve come from – only 10 years ago we needed a win on the last day of the season to keep us in the Football League so everything now is a bonus. Spending £12m for one player was quite surreal last Summer when it didn’t seem long ago that us fans were collecting coins via bins to help pay Leon Britton’s wages!

Are you attracting a new breed of supporter now, ones who look quizzical when the Vetch or Alan Curtis are brought up in conversation?

It’s inevitable now that we are in the Premier League. There’s people even I know who were never Swansea City fans up until the last few seasons but after promotion to the Top Flight they’ve jumped on the bandwagon.

What’s happened to Michu this season? Have injuries taken their toll or has he simply struggled because most opposing players have met him at least once already?

Michu has been troubled with injuries ever since November 2013 and prior to that he was struggling with a lack of fitness I believe due to an on-going injury problem that he played through. He’s due to return within the next month or so, so hopefully it won’t take him too long to get back up to speed as we desperately need him back.

Cardiff will do well to stay up by the looks of it. Do you wish them ill or do you take the slightly less parochial view that the larger Welsh presence there is in the Premier League the better?

I’m not one of these fans who likes Cardiff City being in the Premier League because the more Welsh teams there the better. We’re arch rivals and while the derbies are great to have, I don’t particularly want them up here with us – mainly because they don’t deserve it. They’re a joke of a club with their owner Vincent Tan – and have been in debt for years – unlike us with owners who have run the club perfectly for years now.

Who are likely to be your danger men on Sunday? Wilfried Bony I’m sure but anyone else playing well that we might not be so aware of?

Wilfried Bony can be a danger if his team-mates get him involved in the match and create chances for him. If they don’t, Bony can often be little to no threat as he’s forced to come deep into midfield to see the ball. None of our players are really producing stand out performances of late, hence our lack of wins recently. Pozuelo looked very impressive in the defeat at Old Trafford last Saturday but other than that – we’re not looking really dangerous of late, as our injury list keeps on getting longer by the game.

And who do you fear – if anyone – in the Spurs side?

I’m surprised to see Jermaine Defoe is leaving for Canada soon, I thought he might have stayed in the Premier League. He’s a superb finisher and I think he should have been used more often at Spurs. He’ll be a big threat and is worthy of a start against us. The likes of Lennon and Townsend (is he fit?) are also very dangerous with their pace and could really test our full backs.

We’ve picked up following a change of manager; I presume there’s no chance that you’ll follow a similar course just yet? I’m sure Laudrup is still popular?

He is with the majority of fans, but some who think he should leave are just ridiculous in my opinion. The Europa League has hit us hard this season and I have full confidence that Laudrup can get us back into mid table next year if he were to stay on. We tend to lose our managers after 1-2 seasons thanks to their success so it would be good to get more consistency with our current boss.

Do you think your side will be up for it, I’m guessing there’s a lot of attention on the following games against Fulham, the Hammers and Cardiff?

We’ve got to be up for it. Our form is getting worse and worse and our home games are vital now. We have two coming up and at least 1 win is an absolute must. We have to be looking at picking up a decent amount of points in February when we face a few teams below us who are struggling in the relegation battle. We have to get revenge against Cardiff City, while we’re definitely capable of beating both West Ham and Fulham to ease our relegation concerns.

And finally, can I have a score prediction for Sunday please?

It’s a tough one to call. 2-1 to Spurs first comes to mind but I’m hoping we’re more solid at the back and don’t concede soft goals. I’d take a point so will go for 1-1.

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