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We welcome Liverpool to White Hart Lane on Saturday. It’s been an exciting couple of weeks at Anfield what with a new manager and strikers falling like flies. I caught up with life long Reds fan Ayesha and asked her a few questions, only one fruit-based, to try and assess the likely mood in the away end ahead of tomorrow’s big game.

So Brendan’s gone. When the fixtures were first published people speculated that Rodgers might be in trouble given that Liverpool had a toughish start, especially away from home. Should he have been given more time?

I have utmost respect for Brendan Rogers and was sad to see him go although I think it was time. Last season was a bit lacklustre and the summer signings although promising largely unproven. It has not so much been the final results this season though but the style of play has lacked creativity and drive. The 3 at the back formation has not suited the squad and has been a flop.

Is there much anger directed at the Fenway Sports Group? After all the Boston Red Sox have had another stinker of a season, perhaps the FSG just aren’t very good at owning sports teams?

I’ll have to start following MLB. FSG are obviously willing to spend and invest in players which is great. It is questionable if they are overpaying for some players and the notorious ‘transfer committee’ structure is worrying. They must hold onto the talent nurtured and be ruthless enough to part with any underperforming players. The possible attempt at applying the ‘moneyball’ theory suppresses creativity and manager flexibility. I am not calling for FSG to go although some change is needed.

Happy with the sound of klip klippety Klopp on the stairs? What do you think Jürgen will bring that’s been missing?

Ah, ‘the normal one’. I think, given his record, Klopp is the right manager for the job at this time. I think he’ll reinvigorate and motivate the team, with a lot of young promising players everyone has to earn their place. He’ll bring out more from the players – I hope this is just the shake up that we need. Although it will take time as any rebuilding does. Whilst I like Brendan Rogers, Klopp has a different management style but I hope to see the quick passing, pressing and intense football opitimised in the BR season that almost was. Klopp’s press conferences have been a good watch too.

In terms of fruit sizes where an olive is ‘I’ll be happy if we finish above Norwich and keep hold of Jordan Henderson’ and a water melon is ‘I must remember to look up where next season’s Champions League Final is’, how optimistic are you about the remainder of the season?

Good question. With ‘the chosen one’ unceremoniously knocked off his pedestal for now, top 4 (or 5) may be up for grabs! We have a decent squad and although Tottenham pipped us to 5th last season I don’t see it happening again, nor any other regular Europa League contender. I’m optimistically going for a cantaloupe!

Do you think the fact that Jamie Carragher thinks that Liverpool are turning into Tottenham explains why he scored so many own goals ‘for’ us in his career?

Even with his own goal record Carragher is LFC through and through. Plus sometimes Tottenham need a helping hand. It is perhaps a poorly phrased attempt at a wake up call to change the downward course we have been on.

Who is the Liverpool danger man, if there is one? We’ll take it for granted that Sturridge will have a good game against us, he always does. Who else is in form?

We have a decent squad, a rising number of injuries will be a big setback, but Coutinho’s creativity and deft touches on to an eager Sturridge are sure to frustrate the Spurs defense. With the relentless Milner and Lallana potentially on each wing our attacking force will test the home team.

It’s not a bad time to play us. We’ve had a stuttering start; injuries aren’t helping and now key man Eric Dier is suspended. Any thoughts on your opponents before the big game?

I have to say I don’t remember Tottenham starting a season without a ‘stutter’. You do have some exciting players, even with the injuries, and have had some big wins this season already (in over a year living in Tottenham, this season is the first time I’ve heard the WHL crowd from my home). Dare I say I actually quite like Tottenham as a club, it’s the second half of the season that the teams tends to tire and start to slip. Now is quite a tough time to face Spurs at WHL. Combined with a possible Liverpool invigoration, it should make for an interesting game.

And finally, a score prediction please.

I reckon a relatively high scoring game but I have faith we will prevail, so 3-2 Liverpool.


Many thanks for your time Ayesha, much appreciated.

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  1. I reckon you don't have to worry much. The FA has, once again, insured Liverpool have multiple players injured…three and counting. We may have to field the waterboy tomorrow. Spurs should win easily.


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