Let’s not go overboard Tottenham fans

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After the match against Man Utd on Sunday, so called Spurs supporters were phoning up radio stations to say we had turned the corner.

Lets look at the facts. Firstly, i think we all agree it was a really good game, and to be fair, we did play much better than of late. However, as i said in my last blog, please dont let us paper over the cracks.

Yes, the cracks were there, we again had 2 goals against us. We still played with just the 1 up front – which is not what most of us want – even though AVB has been talking about playing 2 up front, and Saldado still looks like a lost sheep in that set up.

And dont forget, we Did Not win, we only just secured a Draw. Dont forget, we’ve only got 1 Point from games against Man U, Man C, Newcastle, and West Ham over the past few weeks. We still lost ground to a number of our rivals, we are a 1/3 through the season and already 10 points behind The Woolwich Wonderers (which we wont claw back), and we are still 9th in the Premiership.

So for all these supporters going overboard with a ‘Draw’ beggars belief.

We now have AVB not only alienating us supporters, he now goes to war with the Press. Nothing worse than having the press on our backs too, we will become the most hated club in the country if he carries on like that. still say he’s lost the plot – actually, thats not true, he never had the plot in the first place.

I hate being pessimistic, but it’s the same every year. We build ourselves up and fall flat on our faces.

So lets not go overboard with a Draw – so much depends on what happens on Wednesday against relegation threatened Fulham. We usually lose year in, year out to these relegation threatened teams, but these are the Clubs we ‘Have’ to beat if we are going to even reach the top 6 this season.

In the betting odds, at this time we are between 3/1 and 4/1 to finish top 4. What that means is that if you put £100 on Spurs to finish in the top 4, you will lose £100.

By CheekyCockney

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