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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Ok,  so we beat Sunderland 5 -1 at the Lane.   For all of us that were there, it was an enjoyable result, but I am sure that most of you would agree that even with that result it was’nt a whirlwind performance and the atmosphere was pretty subdued.

Certain players had decent games, Christian Eriksen in particular, but once more our back four looked very suspect every time the Black Cats attacked.  Had we been playing even a half decent team we would not have won that match as i am sure the other team would have made and scored more chances.

However, a win in a win and three deserved points on the night.

Tim Sherwood in an interview after the game heaped massive praise on Harry Kane.   In a article of mine a few weeks ago,  I made mention of Harry Kane saying that i didn’t feel he would ever be good enough to be a Premiership player.   He didn’t have a bad game last night (but nothing like Sherwood seem to think),  but lets put it into perspective.  It was a game against a second rate team – basically a Championship side and Kane had a ‘decent’ game.   In my opinion he found ‘his level’.   I said in that article that Kane was a Championship standard player and he proved that last night.   He would make a good player for any team in the Championship,  but as said,  no way will he ever be a Premiership standard player.   Just looking at the facts,  he has been absolutely useless if and when he has played ‘top sides’ and has a decent game against a Championship side such as Sunderland.

To be honest,  he is not the only one of that ‘ilk’,  Naughton is another, and i am certain there are others at the club that can be mentioned in the same breath.   These are the players (the dead wood) that we need to off load during the summer and get off our wage bill.

So yes, a win is a win, but lets not go overboard over one result against a very poor team.

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  1. What’s with Spurs players and injuries? Spurs seem addicted to buying injury prone players. Dembele and Capoue being prime examples. The slightest knock and they are out for weeks or months, or the rest of the season. Big girls blouses, the pair of them. Lamela is beyond a joke. First it was leg injuries, now it’s a bad back. At 21. Out for the rest of the season. It looks like he wants his £60k per week while doing sweet FA. They used to call Anderton sick note (with good reason), but Lamela looks like he will eclipse him in the sick note stakes.

  2. The injuries have largely appeared since Sherwood took over, implying his training isn't right. Which is more of a concern than his belief that lambasting the team at every single opportunity counts as motivational.

  3. good article, i have commented a few times on here about the players who need to be moved on in the summer and kane is one of many imo, rose daws naughton chadli livermore fryers friedal gomez i would bring back tom carol and holts and move siggy on as well, i know this seasons new buys apart from our superstar eriksen have flattered to decieve but chiriches is now finding his feet paulinho started well but as soon as dim sum took over he has dropped off somewhat soldado is a very talented guy i think next season he will come really good capoue looked good v the arse in his first game then was injured dim sum put him on the bench and played his love child bentaleb so i think he switched off and lamela has been injured so guys with the right guy in charge next outing with a new lb cb striker and lennon practicing on his final ball and townsend to stop trying to be the new bale and shooting into the stands we will have a really good squad and as long as new manager gets them playing as a team coys


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