Plan B for Tottenham


Admit it, it’s fun watching our games now. No matter how much you loved AVB or hated him, we all wished he’d succeed for us and prove himself after the Chelsea sack. But somethings aren’t meant to be and one of them is Tottenham being played in a tactical form.

AVB played the game similar to that of Mourinho, i.e, getting results. It’s not football, it’s plain, simple tactics. Go on out there, keep possession, get in front, defend for the win.

It all worked last season because of Gareth’s amazing form but by losing him this season, we needed to come back to our basics and start all over playing it our way and I feel Tim is doing that well. I’ve just been a Spurs support since Harry took over and I can see signs of that repeating right now.

Tim is giving everyone a free role to express themselves around the pitch. And even if that’s not working, he certainly has the luck charm we need. Southampton and WBA were good points for us, although we were poor defensively and were lucky enough to not concede any more goals.

With his management, it’s all about attack. In all his interviews all I’ve ever heard him say is about attacking. This is overshadowing our defense! I like the 4-4-2 change, but having no CDM is a big issue. A lot of teams nowadays are playing with two attackers upfront and that keeps the center backs up and running. The CDM role helps support them and reduce the pressure. I’d like to see him go for Capoue till Sandro is out instead of Eriksen + Holtby. It’ll keep it balanced around the middle. Bentaleb has been amazing in the position but it is too early to call him up. One mistake by him and Tim could easily be criticized for it.

Tim is doing a good job with the team at the moment. It’s keeping the players confident and the fans happy which is important for the club. I hope he rethinks to concentrate on a defensive front too because we have conceded in our last 7 games which is NOT a top four sign. We need a plan B.

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