PLAYER RATINGS: Manchester United 1-2 Tottenham


Indeed, a happy new year now! Four points against Manchester United in two years running. I think the only reason we could actually hold on was because of Lloris. At the time when United got the three corners in a row, we could’ve easily conceded easily but all credits to him for keeping us in it! We had the edge over them in the final third and I felt, broke their defense quite easily. Although we didn’t keep possession, we got the three points so lets enjoy this one!

Hugo Lloris – 8.5. Other than the goal, hardly did much wrong! Probably his best performance after his head collision against Everton. Quick up clearing the ball away from the area, critical saves and simply a brilliant performance.

Kyle Walker – 7.5. First half, was poor. Easily troubled by Adnan Januzaj and might be one of his worst games defensively but improved as the match went on. Stayed more at our half rather than the opposition which just showed how important the player positioning was today.

Michael Dawson – 7.5. Again, similar to Walker. Troubled by Welbeck at the first half but as the game grew, stayed more composed. Helped keep the team strong and the defense tight.

Vlad Chiriches – 9. Our best player for today. Looked sharp, confident and very few mistakes. Improved alot from the poor performances before the Stoke City game and just shows how important he can for us in the second half of the season.

Danny Rose – 8. Better than Kyle Walker at the other end. Made great runs forward and stayed sharp defensively. Handled Januzaj the only best way we could tonight.

Etienne Capoue – 7.5. Was happy to see him start for the first time with Tim in charge. I really felt we needed a CDM coming in this game as it would help more with our defense. Overall good performance but hesitated to go forward which didn’t please Tim much.

Moussa Dembele – 7.5. For me, an average performance compared to Stoke. Lost the ball more than he usually does but keep our midfield strong.

Christian Eriksen – 8. Great cross in for the assist, great positioning for the goal. Could’ve provided more creativity which would’ve probably helped us get some more chances.

Aaron Lennon – 8.5. Troubled the defensive throughout. First Evra, then Vidic and then just most of United really. We have been missing him at the right wing and he is making up for it by playing some amazing football.

Roberto Soldado – 8. Unlucky with his finishing, just can’t wait for his form to be back now. Great link up play by dropping back and creating great attacking chances. Crucial movement for the first goal which was probably ignored by everyone.

Emmanuel Adebayor – 8. Great goal! The air time and placement of the ball was just perfect! Again, dropped deep like Soldado and got involved in the play. Helped at crucial times in the defense which was necessary with the pressure they put in. Great to see him back in form and hope he recovers soon.


Nabil Bentaleb – 6. Came on for Capoue. After two outstanding performances, this wasn’t the best one. Looked nervous and lacked confidence probably because of the pressure from United and the crowd. An average performance to say the least.

Nacer Chadli – 4. Came on for injured Adebayor. A handful of touches. Looked lost in the middle of the pitch and didn’t provide enough defensive support as he usually does.

Harry Kane – N/A. Came on late for Soldado.


Tim Sherwood – 7.5. Got the tactics spot on. Open end to end, attacking play. Made sure the keep stayed tight and composed throughout. Poor substitution decisions.

Leave your views on the performance below.  COYS

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  1. The interaction between Dembele, Capoue and Eriksen isn't very good. Everytime Eriksen started a one-two, Capoue or Dembele played the ball back to the centre back. We had luck they provided enough defensive support, so we could win the game. If the interaction between those three improves, we'll definitely be a title contender this season.

    • Agree! Dembele was doubtful against a stronger opponent . Thanks to Ade and soldado , balls were flowing forward with tricky speed. Clearly we are missing the Brazilian duos …

  2. Thought apart from the defending for their goal we were great defensively today and counter attacked very well. Took our goals very well. Missing a lot of key players and we more than matched United. COYS

  3. Who on earth was watching the game that gave Danny Rose an 8…………he got slaughtered through most of the match……….hopefully we will get a decent quality left back and then see us go

    • He was constantly out of position, bombed forward when he should have stayed back, or stayed back when there was no threat. Alongside constantly trying to recreate that Arsenal wonder goal and being burned by anyone running at him, he was our worst player by miles.
      Between him and Naughton I can't understand why Fredricks isn't playing more. A sack of shit would be better than Rose.

  4. Great game well done Tim good result. But those substitutions absolutely terrified me. Capoue was our only defensive mid and we had a one goal lead at old Trafford, im not sure bentaleb would have been my choice. But we won so maybe im just totally wrong. Only annoying thing was too many balls going straight back to united because they were being hit too long. Maybe its just a bad day for it but our midfield needs to get a fluidity going forward and Hugo can play it shorter to keep possesion in games like this. Great game though, hope it lasts.

    • The subs was because of limited bench playing and winning at Old Trafford can only do the youngster good, We have no continuity with Injury's but players are getting vital prem time instead of Ufa then the bench. This can only help players to get used to the manic pressing of the premiership . I cant remember the last time we played the same team two games running.and a few of our players still pass backwards when Tim wants forward balls. We have some exciting players on loan waiting for there chance in under 21 and in our latest batch of under 18 Akindanini Oduwa Onuha Sonupe Oglive Winks are just a few

  5. I don't know what game you were watching but Lloris' decision was devastatingly reckless throughout the game. His last minute saves when United were peppering up our goal (and that ridiculous headed clearance) made up for it but if I were our centre backs I would be really worried about his sweeper keeper tendencies. I'm getting worried that he is becoming one of those keepers that feels they need to do something throughout the game even when they don't have to.

    • Agreed, Lloris looks and behaves as though he is living a nightmare, not the same guy who started the season. Give Friedel a few games while he gets over it.

    • Spot on Chris i have tweeted the very same worry's every time we have a corner its panic time. One thing amazes me hes not very tall or big great sweeping but also reckless at times and he made Wellbecks mind up when he rushed out same against Southampton and others. We need to invest in a keeper i would try for Foster or see if Tim can get best out of Gomes still young

  6. Danny Rose scares me. He makes really short passes to players near him when under pressure, causing loss of possession. Yesterday, he seemed very casual and missed tackles and strolled back. Bring back Benoit please.

  7. i dont know how you can call sherwoods substitutions poor… it was brave to bring kane on who worked very hard up front and bentaleb has shown himself to be reliable and was so again yesterday

  8. Some of the comments on this article are simply ridiculous . Lloris was under huge pressure for 75% of the game and he kept us in it at the end. Clearly he should have been penalised for the foul on young but can you imagine brad had played ? Quite simply we would have lost. Lloris can and will be a spurs legend.

  9. Blaming lloris for having to come out and save our idiotic captain's so many times and running into trouble because of that is stupid. Our captain is possibly the worst CB out of all the Top 6 or 7 teams. Cant wait for Vert or Kaboul to be fit and this donkey to be sold.


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