PLAYER RATINGS: Tottennham Hotspur 1-0 Everton

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Hugo Lloris

A great 1st half save, followed by some classic sweeper goalie play in the 2nd half were highlights, all-round a very solid performance

Kyle Walker

Didn’t put a foot wrong.  Overlapping didn’t get going with Lennon, but as usual Walker was active both ends of the pitch. Should get much more credit than he does

Michael Dawson

A first half missed lunge could have been more expensive that it was, he went to ground a couple of times, but on the whole a very solid performance. Superior in the air something neither Jan or Chiriches have to offer

Jan Vertonghen

Quietly effective purring like a Rolls Royce great to see him back in the team. Talked throughout the game organising the defence, settled everyone around him

Danny Rose

Put a cross in for Adebayor that should have lead to a 1st half goal. You never saw BAE do that. A decent performance against an impressive Coleman. How he gets more criticism than Chiriches amazes me

Aaron Lennon

Didn’t really get going. Was OK. His space in the 1st eleven can’t be certain. Switching wings a couple of times was the most interesting thing he did all afternoon


Played alongside Bentaleb with Dembele pushed further up. Again didn’t really get going, had one decent run with the ball otherwise an average performance. Games like this make you think what is best position is.

Mousa Dembele

Got pushed around by Barry and McCarthy for the 1st half, his passing radar was off to. He forced himself into the game as it went on and looked a threat. Didn’t fully exploit his position further up the pitch, but his ability to receive and keep the ball in almost any situation continues to be a great asset for the team

Nabil Bentaleb

Didn’t put a foot wrong again and like Dembele grew into the game. Could be a fantastic find for Spurs in the years ahead. I’d love to know what position he favours playing?

Christian Eriksen

He didn’t carry his good recent form into this game. Playing mainly on the left side he struggled to get into the game. Interesting to see if he plays more games behind Ade in matches to come. An ineffective day for him

Emmanuel Adebayor

Easily the man of the match. Had he been playing for Everton they would probably have won. Missed a great chance from a Rose run and cross then redeemed himself with a well taken drive at the near post. He worked tirelessly all match and won a number of aerial duels, must have covered more ground than anyone else on the pitch. If he can keep this form up Tottenham will be in the fight for fourth right to the death.

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    • agreed, ridiculous to give Ade 9. he was absolutely terrible, as he always is. The fact we are reliant upon him if an absolute joke. Dembele, Vertonghen, an Lloris were our best players, they nearly always are. Sherwood is ruining our club by the week and must go.

      • Yeah I see what you mean about Sherwood ruining our club 6 wins out of 9 in PL absolutely scandalous…. Get a grip mate the performance wasnt fantastic but its not Sherwoods fault, the players seem to struggle to get going in the first half of games I dont know why maybe nerves but surely as professional footballers that cant be the case?? We seem to ride our luck in the first half of games then play much better in second half and come out with the points.. How you can slate Ade after the goals he scored recently is astonishing?? I agree he didnt deserve a 9 more likely an 8 as he worked tirelessly pressing everton but didnt get much service or support going forward, he was clinical when he got the chance tho and thats the most important thing.. The three CMs didnt work for me today, their passing was wayward at times mostly in the first half, Paulinho struggled for me and has been so inconsistent this season, Dembele is strong on the ball but again lacked that final ball, Bentaleb looked solid enough again but I cant help but think if Sandro or Capoue was used as a holding mid it would allow Paulinho and Dembele more freedom going forward but Id rather a 442 or 4231 than a 433 to be honest and as much as I like Bentaleb and think he has potential I dont believe he should be starting he isnt as good as our other CMs.. Lennon was poor as he has been for a number of games and Eriksen was ineffective from the left and needs to be played centrally off Ade.. Defensive was solid enough but I think its time for Tim to make the hard decision of dropping our captain who hasnt missed a PL game all season, will he do it? Time will tell

      • We can be more positive. Sherwood has 20 points out of 27. That is Top 4 form. He has to keep it going, but so far his results are impressive

  1. Think you are wrong about Benteleb thought he was poor today (and has struggled a bit against the top teams)…nice passer but not yet strong enough to play in front of the back 4 in the top games

  2. Not sure how Bentaleb is earning his space in the team and that’s all he is doing taking up a space, did nothing but stand on his own most of the first half did not put in a tackle f any worth closed nobody down the one run he tried with the ball ran lost the ball leading to an Everton attack n the half hour mark supposed you missed that late in th game when on by line Everton player nicked in front of him because he waited for the ball to roll to him rather than collect it. His look of composure disguises the fact his contribution is negligible at best and maybe in time he could grow into a reasonable player, but in all the games he has played I am far from convinced and can’t see how he gets 90 mins every week.

    I think people are judging players by how much they cost Paulno did not have the best of games but contributed more than Bentaleb all over the pitch, Eriksen I thought was one of our better players and surprised he was subbed,

  3. Yes I was a bit generous with the scores, but we played a really good, settles team today and wanted to be positive. Over a lot of years that was a game we could easily of drawn. 8 didn't seem quite enough for Ade, he worked so hard today and gave us a different dimension in the air, we can play really direct now, maybe 8.5 was better.
    I still think Bentaleb overall did play well. In Barry and McCartney he was up against one of the in from Mids in the PL., not saying he's all the way there yet, but still great for the future.
    Still a massive win so COYS

    • Spurs still lacking in speed and support compared to the top four clubs. A victory is still a victory against a very stingy Everton club.

  4. I think it was a poor performance from Spurs today, but we shouldn't be so harsh about them – Everton are a top 5 side this season and a win is great, no matter if it was a poor performance or not. But the thing I can't understand is why Sherwood keeps on playing Lennon? He's been very poor in his last few matches, he was invisible today and I don't really think he should play next week. In our next game I would play Paulinho (or Bentaleb) and Dembele in the middle, Eriksen in a 10 role and Townsend and Chadli as wingers.

  5. reckon Lloris and Walker and first on team sheet each week. Vertongen is the real leader of the team. dawson might be ok in the air but this is football and he will cost us 4th place

  6. Yep this could be a very important 14 games in Arron's season. Goals from our three "attacking" midfielders are going to be key right now it doesn't look like Lennon has done enough. But the idea of pace on both wings is a prospect. We look very lop sided when either Siggi or Eriksen play wide and if we put Townsend on the right will he cut in all the time again?

    • If we have any chance of top 4 whilst playing a system that won’t blow Sherwoods brains!

      Then we need to go 4/4/1/1






      In a 4/4/1/1 the player off the Striker needs to be able to act as a second Striker and also link up with the mid field,cus of this I’d be tempted to play Gylfi in there!

      We’ve got to go back to basics at the moment and that means get our flying wingers on with our two bruisers in the middle and get up the wings and cross the ball into the Striker to hold up/go for goal or nod down for on comin players.

      If we can’t play decent football,which this season has shown then keep it simple!

      • This would be my 1st choice formation, totally agree. But Lennon is a worry. Also we have Kaboul as a defender that is good in the air if he's truly fit as neither Jan or Chriches dominate in the air

      • You may moan like an old woman, but your selection is spot on. With Sandro unavailable Paulinho would start in his place I guess

  7. Who is this mooron???

    we were out played at home again and were about as bad as ive seen and win!!!

    whats the bentaleb rating all about? he shudnt even be on the pitch let alone ” he didnt put a fpot wrong”??? we nearly conceded a goal cus hes too small/skinny/pooh to stop the player from shooting.

    he does the same as parker did get tge ball and pass to the nearest white shirt,but at least parker put hiself about and tackled people!

    when sandro is back if he plays bentashit over him he needs sacking on the spot.

    adebayor a 9??????? u make it soynd like he had an amazing game not jus one moment of something i wud expect him to do.

    the only player that played hard for us was dembele and considering this was a must win game that is shocking!!!

    • er do you mean "Moron". I guess that makes you the "Moron".
      The games about opinions, we all have different ones. I've admitted Ade's was a bit high, but I was at the game and he did an incredible amount of work apart from the goal.
      Some Spurs fans will always find something wrong with what we are doing. I am not one of those. Right now we have 20 points out of 27 that is fact and that is Top 4 form.
      Sherwood needs to keep polishing his 1st 11, if Sandro was fit he would play for sure.
      Bentaleb isn't the finished article, but overall has done very well, I don't expect he will play all the remaining games but for now he gets my vote

  8. Poor performance by Spurs as a team I thought. Was some of the ugliest football I've seen them play in a while. I am thankful that they were able to come away with the win but don't think the performance deserved it. Everton were set up better in every way and played some good football. If they had a decent striker I'm afraid to say that the game would have been over for Spurs at half time.

    While I think Paulinho is a good player I'm starting to think the english game does not suit his style of play at all. His complete inability to assert himself in the game and unwillingness to track back and defend makes me hope he doesn't put in another display like this. For me it should have been him subbed at half time. Dembele had a tough go of it having to go up against Barry and Maccarthy and did his best to pick up Paulinhos slack. He just needs to release the ball much earlier and drop into deeper spots to print the ball through from the back line (he was clearly tired by the end of the game). Walker was energetic as always but needs to learn how to cross a ball or at least cross earlier and he has to stop telling the attacking players in front of him how to play (yes we all get that you want to be a winger). I thought bentaleb was really good. Still looks inexperienced at times and probably doesn't deserve a starting spot just yet but from what i saw this game I can't really fault him. Which finally brings me to Dawson. I've been a fan of Dawson's no nonsense defending for some time, however it has become clear to me that he lacks the decision making and technical skills required to preform at the top level week in week out, maybe a rest and a much needed change in central defence partnership is in order?

    Tim Sherwood made many mistakes from a managerial standpoint in my opinion. The way we were set up lead to us being constantly outnumbered in midfield and Isolated in the final third. I think Soldado should have started with Ade and Eriksen in a free role behind. The rest of the midfield need more discipline when it comes to positional play and for god sake release the ball earlier!

    • It's about opinions, but the facts say Sherwood is doing well. Everton are a very good team, settled with a settled manager and a load less of the craziness surrounding Spurs this year so to beat them was great. Everton played just as expected, lots of neat play, no cutting edge. Apart from the 1st 20mins where they started way better than us we did a good job keeping them out and had much the better of the 2nd half – I am an optimist so will always focus on the good things rather than the bad. COYS


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