Players Wembley energy usage a concern for Pochettino


According to the London Evening Standard Mauricio Pochettino admits he cannot be sure how playing at Wembley might affect the players energy levels over the chaotic Christmas period.

In his press conference on Thursday Pochettino the club’s physical data is showing his players are running harder at the national stadium this season because of the larger pitch.

The article adds that the old pitch at White Hart Lane, at 100 metres by 67m, was smaller than the Wembley surface, which measures at 105m by 68m, equating to an extra 440 square metres.

We host West Brom on Saturday, which is the first of 10 games for them in the next five weeks, and Pochettino accepts his players may feel extra fatigue.

“It’s true that this season, we are beating our physical stats because when you play at Wembley, you use more energy,” Pochettino said.
“The team has improved a lot in the physical stats and now we need to see the effect over the Christmas period.

He added: “It’s new for us but in the same way it’s a very good test because we’re going to play in the stadium we’re building, which will be similar to the Wembley size of pitch.
“The ball in play changes a lot. If you compare White Hart Lane to Wembley, the square metres changes a lot.

Pochettino concluded “I think we are one of the best teams today, in terms of effort. We are on the top. That always has an impact on your physical condition. For three years, we played at White Hart Lane, it was completely under control. It was high-intensity, no?
“But today it’s true that we are finding different stats, and of course we need to be careful and be right with how we assess and make our decisions in the next few months.”

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  1. Which is exactly why I argued on blogs in August that we should never have sold Walker to a major rival (now running away with the PL), needing to retain him for one more season during which we would have had time to PROPERLY source another right back (instead of buying a 3rd choice PSG player for £23m) and develop KWP. Walker and Trippier, just like Davies and the moanin' Rose, were KEY to this campaign – our interim season, as it were, alternating up those flanks on a fitness sapping Wembley pitch. Taking pressure off our tight inside game.
    But many deluded Spurs fans rallied to the excitement of bringing in Aurier as though he were some sort of 'upgrade' on Walker! So many were pleased to see a 'world class player' go. Well, I bloody wasn't. We might not have got £50m next summer for him, but in terms of performances in his final season, he would have been worth far more to us than that amount. Every time I look at Aurier, I pray Trippier doesn't get injured or suspended or knackered ..because, mostly, the former is a bloody liability. We may have made a nett £27m out of the
    Walker/Aurier transaction, but that amount could pale into total insignificance, in terms of what we may have lost out on in the final part of the season.

  2. CB I bet you didn’t think ‘Arry would make it, or Davies would make a fist of it? Kyle Walker wasn’t our saviour last year and the team overall is stronger this year than last year. Aurier at 21 is far better than Walker was at the same age and IMO not far off Kyles standard right now. Almost as quick, very aggressive, and a better crosser of the ball already.
    Kyle had his head turned and like a rotten piece of fruit would have turned everything else off in the basket. I have it on good authority that he was a nice bloke but as thick as two short planks.
    Rosie will be the next to go but our succession planning seems much better than in the past and he won’t go until the Summer. I think Levy will put his foot down on anyone else moving prior to us getting into the New White Hart Lane.
    Let’s just enjoy more good moments than I’ve had since the sixties and I’m now in my seventies. COYS

  3. Hang on a minute, Poch said that Wembley was never going to be an issue. Best take it easier in training then. That sounds like excuses being lined up. Why could we not reduce the size of the pitch? as it is our home stadium albeit for a season. It’s still out home. Walker is not the issue here. COYS

  4. I never thought ‘Arry would or wouldn’t make it. But I was thrilled he did. And I rate Davies and Trippier. Good solid ‘cover’ buys

    who have turned into first teamers and who haven’t let us down. But you’re wrong about Aurier. Firstly, he’s nearly 25 (it’s Sanchez who’s

    21) and he’s already ‘peaked’ into the player he is. He is nowhere NEAR Walker’s standard, and he’s unlikely to improve any

    further ..although Poch will try and keep squeezing any further talent/fitness out of him. If you’ve watched him, he doesn’t get up and down the

    right flank like Walker did, and he gets caught regularly out of position. He can’t beat a man like Walker in the final third ..and often strolls back

    when he’s needed back quickly in our defensive third. His tackling is almost reckless. His crossing is just about on a par with Walker’s, but that’s it.

    Your mistaken claim that Aurier (at 21) is far better than Walker at the same age may have been true if we’re using comparisons ..but Aurier at

    nearly 25 is miles behind what Walker was at the same age …a couple of seasons back (I think Walker is 27).

    I also disagree about Walker’s head being turned to the degree that Rose’s has been. At least Walker kept his silence and dignity about wishing to leave,

    and I’ve no doubt that he could have been convinced to stay one more season (the Wembley factor needed him). City or others would have

    waited. It just pains me to see him play (at City) the way he used to with us ..and he won’t be the last excellent footballer who was ‘thick’.

    No one cares about that anyway. If Poch has a fault, it’s that he doesn’t forgive too easily. He could have convinced Walker to ‘stay’ another

    term but he didn’t. Rose will definitely go, because he’s done far worse than Walker ever did, but we should learn that we must source a

    proper replacement to rival Davies. Walker’s move hurt us for this one-off season doubt. But I agree with your final sentiments. I’m in my mid 60s,

    and have seen great moments and periods of sustained success in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s (as well as awful times), but three seasons of

    watching this fabulous set-up, as yet without a trophy, is a sweet thing mixed with the despair of falling short on that trophy front.


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