Pochettino reflects on worst day in management

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Admit it, none of us saw that coming.  To end the season on the back of a 5-1 hammering to a 10-man, relegated Newcastle United side definitely left a sour taste in the mouths of us Tottenham fans.

To cap it all off, the result meant we have to endure yet another season of finishing below the scum who have taken to Twitter in their droves to celebrate their second place finish.

The result will certainly give Pochettino, Levy, Mitchell and co food for thought of exactly what needs to be done during the summer to ensure that we are not embarrassed like this again and are able to compete in the Champions League effectively.

We’ve been terrible in recent weeks, you can blame the player’s mentality but you have to look at some of the players we have.  Mason and Carroll notably are just not up to the mark for a side which is trying to establish ourselves as consistent title contenders.

Pochettino said: “I think today we showed that this wasn’t a team that had played well through the whole season, and I think this was my worst day as a manager in England or Spain.

“I feel very bad, because the worst thing is we showed we don’t care about the position.

“We have shown in the last few weeks that what we need to improve for next season is our mental state. We can see the problem was that we are not ready to compete and we don’t have enough quality to play with the ball.

“The big problem is that we have to try to identify and take decisions for the future. I was very disappointed and upset because the first 45 minutes of the match was a shame.”

Such was the extent of Pochettino’s plight he revealed he had been extended sympathy by Newcastle boss Rafael Benitez, despite the final whistle bringing an end to the hosts’ top-flight tenure.

Pochettino admitted: “It was strange – Newcastle are relegated but he felt sorry for me.”

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  1. Well, so much for all the self-deluded crap that Pochettino had somehow instilled mental toughness into the players, and abolished 'Spursyness' – we've ended the season with yet another Pochettino collapse, and managed one more point than Sherwood got in earning sixth place and the sack in 2014. Without the implosion of the usual top four we'd have been nowhere near the top of the table, and how we'll manage a CL campaign as well as the return of the big boys next season God alone knows.

  2. He made a mistake last week when he said he doesn't care about finishing above Arsenal. Its a box that he should have made every effort to tick, then maybe this lot wouldn't have turned up strolling about like a pre-season friendly.

  3. Could this be a blessing in disguise. Make them upstairs realise that mason, Carroll, Chadli etc are not up to the job and we get some proper footballers in. Yes, f**ked off this has happened, but if it 'Spurs' them on, then fine by me.

  4. We thought we would finish 5th or below this season but we've won ourselves a place in theCL.
    On the other hand Arsenal supporters thought that they would win the league but didn't, they are still moaning about Wenger and want him to spend and constantly complain about being also rans in Europe.
    They may have the right to shout about finishing above us but it is us who have the improvement not them.

  5. The team's simply too young and inexperienced and was unable to deal with the pressure. They will learn from this. I also thought that some in the team felt we had already achieved second prior to the Chelsea game, BIG mistake…Come on Poch you gotta fire them up, if f'n Wenger can do it every year…so can YOU!! We all start with a clean slate in August, for Gods sake don't let this happen again.

  6. It's the management's fault!!! We threw away the leads in the Chles**, WBA and Saints games at home, heavily punished by a relegated Toon bundle. 80% Shame on the management and 20% shame on players!

  7. I’ve been following spurs all my life and just wished the players could have half as much passion as us fans old school and new They must know what it means to be above the Gunna shite

    All the hard work this year to just give up. Not professional enough for me sorry go and have your big holidays and spare a thought for the ones that trounce up and down the country rain or shine

    RANT over

  8. I have been a Spurs supporter all my life from the age of 10 years now aged 73, and I blame The two players how both got Red Cards and let there team mates down Perhaps both will learn by there stupidly, but I find it hard as a Spurs fan.
    Can anyone out there tell me how a team can keep passing a ball back to there goalkeeper play them self in to trouble and giving free kicks away that really winds me up.
    As for the signing of a center forward I'm sure pour old Jimmy Greaves could do better, Please get help for Kayne

  9. I'm a long standing Arsenal fan with close family who support Spurs. Hey Spurs fans your team was magic at times through the last season …..Arsenal struggled after losing Cazorla and Sanchez to injury…my feeling is that London teams Spurs Arsenal and West Ham showed some sparkling football where both Manchester teams were poor, really unimaginative, pedestrian.
    It's a step forward for all London teams!

  10. I have been a Spurs supporter for 60 years, During that time they have always had a captain to lead them, who was in the middle of the defence, like Danny Blanchflower, Dave McKye, they could always rally the team when going through bad moments, so why did the manager choose a captain who plays in goal (brilliant as he is) but
    cannot gain the command and respect ,that a captain can who is playing, say in the middle of defence.
    I also think the players lost their discipline from the Chelsea game onwards, and so threw the League title away.
    So feel for all the supporters, who deserved better.


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