Pochettino satisfied with overall Wembley experience

Image: SpursWeb

According to The Telegraph Mauricio Pochettino is proud of how his players have made Wembley home as the lads prepare for the curtain to come down on their time there.

We have been playing at the national stadium while our brand spanking new stadium was being built and that was expected count against us this season, however instead, the lads have overcome a so called ‘Wembley hoodoo’ to post a strong Premier League record there, losing only twice going into our final game against Leicester.

We have beaten Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund along the way and Mauricio will leave with happy memories.

“I think we enjoyed it a lot,”:he said.
“It’s true that from the beginning nobody believed in us because everyone was worried about playing at Wembley for many, many games.

He added: “I think we feel so proud. We could turn that feeling and all the negativity into a positive. We showed that we could find solutions.In the end we could create and feel that Wembley was home and is home now.

He went on to say:”The most important thing is rather than trying to find excuses, finding solutions.I feel so proud for everyone, of course the players first, our staff, the people who worked so hard to build and create that atmosphere and course our fans.We expect and demand a lot from them in moving to Wembley from White Hart Lane, it was a very difficult thing.

He added: “All together now, we deserve to play Champions League next season to come back to our real home.I think everyone deserves the credit, the fans, the players and the staff.It was a massive job to achieve what we achieved this season despite so many things being against us.”

We secured a third successive Champions League qualification, even with the disadvantage of playing at Wembley and our main rivals spending far more than us. We move into our new home next season and the Argentinean tactician is positive about the future.

“We were trying to improve and we wanted to provide exciting moments for the fans watching the team play,”:he added.”I think this season is the second best in the Premier League since 1992 and that is what we need to do.The future of Tottenham will be bright because of the facilities and the new stadium.

He added: “It will be a massive thing trying to put the club where it deserves to be.There is no doubt about where the club will go. It is in a very good direction and a very good way, but no doubt it will improve.”

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