Pochettino stresses importance of Sissoko


An article by ESPN has described how Mauricio Pochettino has said the much maligned Moussa Sissoko is one of Tottenham’s most important players in a bid to dispel, what he called,a “myth” about the France midfielder.

The Frenchman has featured in all but one of Spurs’ 30 matches in the Premier League and Champions League this season however the article points out that he remains a divisive figure among supporters.

It goes on to describe how sections of the away end appeared to jeer when Son Heung-Min was replaced by Erik Lamela in Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Southampton, while Sissoko completed 90 minutes.

It adds that Pochettino, however, believes the 28-year-old is crucial to Tottenham and says no other player can do the same job as the Frenchman.

“You have to give the credit to him because he is the only player who provides balance in those transitions — offensive to defensive, defensive to offensive — in the team,”:Pochettino said.

He added: “There is no other player in the team who can provide that. This is the best quality he provides to the team. The team needs that balance nowadays. He has been one of our most important players.”

The article goes on to say how Sissoko joined Spurs from Newcastle United for a then-club record £30 million in summer 2016 but adds how he started just eight league games last season and also faced public criticism from Pochettino for his application in training.

However now the Spurs manager believes Sissoko has struggled to shake a poor first impression, adding: “We create myths. I do too! Like you [the media].Sometimes we all create myths but most of the times we are not clinical or honest in the way we assess things. Sometimes you think a way about someone because of first impressions and then they stick forever. I like that you [the media] give credit to him because he is doing very well.”

So what do we make of Mauricio’s comments on Sissoko. He does seem to be the go to guy when things go wrong and perhaps there is too much focus on what he does wrong, it’s just really hard to see. Let us know your thoughts, are you with Poch on this or do you think Sissoko should just be chalked off as an error in judgment? Let us know your thoughts below

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  1. Pochettino, however, believes the 28-year-old is crucial to Tottenham and says no other player can do the same job as the Frenchman. there is no answer to that we are all doomed

  2. I only watch all Spurs games and I am not present at any training sessions but from what I see on the pitch Sissoko would be the very last name on my team sheet. Oh dear that is a mistake, he would Not be on my team sheet.

  3. Is Poch talking about Victor and getting mixed up with Sissoko? Please use Sissoko in the deal with Moura and get him back in France.

  4. I only hope this is poch’s method of trying to get more out of any potential deal for sissoko. If he actually believes this, it’s worrying.

  5. Poch ain’t exactly going to turn round and say he’s no good for spurs as that would effect any possible resale price so he’s either perceivering with him in the hope he turns good ( i doubt that very much) or keep him in the team for the shop windows of other teams and maintain a relatively high price lets hope some mug of a team takes him of our hands and soon.

    I’d rather play with 10 men than have him in the team

  6. He is absolutely shocking, nervous and uncomfortable when he gets the ball, passing is poor and his touch is what can only be described as non-league. It just goes to show you have a good Euro’s surrounded by better players in a French team and all of a sudden you are worth £30million. One last point I have been to pretty much every home game and champions league along with probably 60,000 others……….everyone feels the same, on the train and in the stands, not good enough to grace this Spurs side. I feel we are entering what is commonly known as the Torres syndrome, paid a lot of money for him so must keep playing him hoping he will eventually have a good game!!

  7. Sissoko is the worse player in the squad and worse player in over 70 years. Poch is the only one who thinks he is good. So poch you can take your lover boy to Madrid with you.


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