Poor Decisions, Poor Judgement

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Before attempting to unravel what went wrong today I would like to take the opportunity to recap on a couple of things that have happened over the past week or so, one of which had – or at least may have had – an impact on today´s game.

With ten minutes or so to go last weekend, Lloris bravely came out to gather a through ball and for his trouble collected Lukala´s knee in a head-on collision. He was obviously dazed but did he lose consciousness, did he suffer concussion?

The medical staff on hand – the same medical team who assisted so well in their treatment of Fabrice Muamba eighteen months ago – initially decided that Lloris was unfit to continue and Friedal was made ready. However, after a few more checks it was decided that, in fact, he was okay and would be able to stay on. As it turned out at the time this did not prove to be a poor decision as there initially appeared to be no lasting damage and he did go on to make a good save.

Events since then may contradict this. Instead of being the life and soul of the party and enjoying training as normal it seems as if he has been complaining of feeling unwell. He was not expected to play against Sheriff but he should have been playing today.

If he had come off last week would he have suffered the apparent relapse – no one will ever know.

What is certain is that on the 13th minute today when Remy was clean through a moment´s hesitation from Friedel gave the French forward enough time to take a touch and glide past the American. Our own Frenchman, had he been fit and on the pitch, would have been awake to the situation, and he would have won the foot race to the ball, denying Newcastle their goal.
A good decision last week now, maybe, looks like poor judgement this week.

One thing I rarely do in these articles is stray from the subject of THFC but on this occasion I feel a burning need to address another issue of poor decision making and poor judgement.  Yesterday afternoon I was watching BBC1 and Final Score. Our very own beloved Garth Crooks – never one to mince his words – was incredulous when it was announced that the game at Stamford Bridge (where WBA were winning 2-1) had four minutes of injury time. He could barely contain himself when – after five added minutes – Chelski were awarded a highly dubious penalty. Moments later, and with a draw secured, we were all rewarded with the post match interview with Jose Mourinho.

He was almost as incandescent complaining that the second WBA goal should not have stood due to a prior foul and claiming that the penalty was a correct decision.

Of course most of us had to wait until well into the evening for us to make our own minds up, and it was quite obvious that the Chosen One was watching a completely different game. In both cases the Chelski player made a serious mountain out of a molehill, the first went the way of WBA, play was waved on and a goal rightly awarded. The second showed that Ramires had stumbled before making contact with Reid and referee Andre Mariner´s poor judgement and poor decision to award a penalty robbed the visitors of all three points.

So what of our game. Where were the poor decisions and poor judgement? These were mostly taken before the game even started.

AVB prides himself on meticulous planning and detailed analysis of the opposition yet he seems to believe that they do nothing similar about us, nothing to work out how to counter our threat, something shown in the way that WetSpam and Everton have recently managed to shut us out.

And so it was with Newcastle. They had set up to thwart Townsend at every turn, double even triple marking him and we had no real other wide outlet. Why did we field Siggy and not either Lennon or Lamela? Playing one of these on the right and Townsend on the left would have countered Newcastle´s plans instantly. Poor decision, poor judgement.

With no Sandro to protect the defence, our midfield was frequently overrun and the pace of Remy in particular against a leaden Dawson meant they should have scored more than the one goal they managed. Kaboul is so much faster and capable of dealing with pacy strikers – why was he not included from the start. Poor decision, poor judgement.

At half time instead of bringing on attacking options we brought on two defensive players – admittedly at least one of these was the result of an injury – but we were chasing the game and needed someone to unlock their defence not just stop the opposition. Admittedly Newcastle posed very little threat in the second period but it was too little too late.

The introduction of Defoe seemed little more than an afterthought – the last desperate throw of the dice by a desperate man – it didn´t work as he barely touched the ball and never in a threatening area.
We had over 40 attempts at goal, 15 of them on target and whilst Man of the Match Tim Krul made a record breaking 12 saves, we did not look like scoring. Too many long range shots made it easy for the Dutch keeper, another case of poor decision making, poor judgement – this time on the part of our players.

AVB’s tactics and team selection were the reason we lost – poor decisions and poor judgement from the man in charge. He needs to rethink the way he sets the team up if we are to have any chance of getting a top four place this season.

At least with Chelski, Le Arse and Citeh all dropping points we have not lost any ground on others around us but with our next two Premiership matches against the two Mancunian giants we will need to be at our very best immediately after the international break.

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  1. I think the other issue was without a sweeper in Lloris to clean up, our high line was exposed. Sandro probably would have helped this a bit but Remy got in behind the back line far too easily. The only criticism I have of AVB is his conservative team selections at times

  2. give him time, its took 18 months to turn an attacking top 4 team into a boring mid table one, cant wait to see what the next 18 months of his project brings.

    • 18 months to turn a Rednapp team that fell over in the last quarter of the season into a team that is very hard to score against. I am up for criticising AVB in details, but comparing him to 'Arry is like comparing science to witchcraft.

  3. First The Chosen One, (A)Resembled a Fruit & Nut Case.- (B) Proved He Is One With His TV Interview. Chelski Played Like Spurs, WBA Were Robbed,No Penalty Ever !!
    But 4 Players Never Turned Up, We Would Have Won A "Teddy" If It Was A Rifle Range !!! Second Halve Much Better" MOTM—-Tim Krul Was Superb,But When Will We Ever Score 3/4/5 Goals in a Match,Bets On Lads ???
    Winner Gets a Prize ???

  4. I think it is easy to criticise team selection after the event but AVB does not have that advantage that you have taken so gleefully. Best Premier League start ever, team created 40 chances yesterday. Sack the manager. You are a muppet, although sadly you are not alone at WHL.

  5. So many spurs fans with a point to prove it's getting tedious.
    It's the players not starting the game well that was the only problem against Newcastle and nothing else. Dembelle was terrible and he's had one too many lazy games for my liking. Bringing on Sandro and taking him off was the correct decision we absolutely hammered Newcastle in the second half, how else did Tim krul break all the premiership records for saves?
    That many shots on goal can't happen in a badly set up team, it just can't.
    We lost, get over it. How many teams could handle such an extensive change of playing staff WITHOUT ANY CASH INJECTION and still be within 5 points of top after a third of the season.
    AVB is doing a brilliant job with a brand new squad of players most of which haven't even got their home life sorted yet let along can understand English. I'm certain there is more squad building to come in January as our balance up front is still wanting, but to say AVB is failing is just pure bitterness IMO. harry was good for us for a while but once he thought he had better options he dropped spurs like a hot brick, he's gone and he ain't coming back.

  6. Also why are we not using the pace we have ! to have Lennon / Lamela / Chadli / Townsend , our midfield are no slouches either , last season our play was urgent and precise , this season we are passing backwards as many times as shooting from way outside the box , we are not seeing Walker putting in the shifts we are accustom to ( is he carrying an injury?) . And why oh why does Townsend keep shooting , wat a waste , is he being told to , and if so , then after 10 games it is proving ineffective and should be stopped .
    I have faith that the goals will come , but am afraid it will come to little to late . If we are going to kick on , I think we need plans B/C and D , otherwise its all over .Our possession is great but it aint winning games is it!!!!
    …………in AVB/Levy/Baldini we must trust………BUT IN SPURS WE LOVE………..COYS………………

  7. The poor judgment and decisions are being mAde by those who turn against the team at this time when we are in such transition. We have virtually got a new team which has to bedd in and that takes time. Guys have made some good points about who plays where and that's what AVB has to sort out. It will come together and that's when we can really judge things.

  8. Its quite obvious that AVB dont know his best X1 at most times. I rightfully agree that Kaboul should be in the back four. Lone striker doesnt yield the results that we hope for and playing with inverted wingers is so predictable. Its no shame going back to 4-4-2. Dembele is clearly not comfortable playing AVB's style. The manager is obviously a hot head and will sooner or later experience the same fate as at Chelski. Clearly a lot of unhappy players will let him lose the dressing room: JD; ADE; Dembele; Jan.
    Against the Manchester clubs we will need to play
    Walker Daws Kaboul Jan
    Lennon Sandro Paulinho Lamela
    JD Soldado

    Its time AVB bury the hatchet and play ADE as he is earning money for doing nothing. At least he can contribute whilst waiting for the transfer window to open.

  9. We all love the Spurs and are entitled to our various opinions. We are critical because we want to be feared, respected and well liked by others as a fast, exciting attacking team. I feel we have the players capable but also feel AVBs tactics and team selections deserve to be looked at. The moment Friedel was named as keeper I thought it is common sense not to defend so high. AVB didnt think so. Lamela should have been on at some point after his mid-week starring role. AVB didnt think so. Sandro must play when fit. AVB doesnt think so. Some of his team choices and tactics are opposite to what the ordinary supporter considers elementary. Personally I thought AVB lost control of the Lloris situation last week and had no control over bringing him off. Lloris was staying on and AVB couldnt stop him. I am disappointed that AVB is maybe not the strong man I thought he was. But we love our team and nothing will ever change that – so we are allowed to criticise our own – no-one else has that right. COYS!

  10. Lads the problem to me seems common. I've been to the lane 3 times this season and its the same every time, poor team selection and tactics in my eyes. Theres a lot of good players in our squad but as a team its clear they aren't suited to playing together. Goalkeeper and back line are without fault, i have nothing bad to say, great improvement from last year ( only the odd moment of madness from kyle walker lol ). But the midfield and strike selection is shocking, neither Defoe or Soldado are suited to playing 1 up top and constantly look like fish out of water in this formation. If we are going 2 play 5 in the middle with 2 holding then the 2 have to be Sandro and Dembele, and Capoue covers injuries, Paulinho doesnt get stuck in and even though he has good movement and work rate his end product is poor and is largely innefective. Then comes 2 the 3 behind the striker, if we want to play this keep ball tika taka football then we should try something different playing holtby erikssen and sigurdsson behind Townsend up top alone. He shoots on sight with both feet, he has great pace to get in behind and he has no fear of running at the defence. Those 3 behind him all like playing intricate 1-2 football so let the rotate and interchange behind the striker with lamela to come of the bench. They will have the freedom once Sandro and Dembele are holding. I think its time we try something new because clearly we are struggling massively for goals, whats the worst that can happen? #COYS

  11. 1- You complain about Sandro not being in the lineup, then say he shouldn't have come on at half-time
    2- Kaboul wasn't fit to play 90 minutes
    3- You know nothing about tactics, but you think you're smarter than a man who's official job is to do with them
    4- You make a lot of spelling mistakes

  12. Dear Hobo Smurf
    Sandro should have started – in my opinion
    Like most supporters I believe AVB has got it wrong on too many occasions.
    Results and performances show this to be true. We are easy to defend against as Hull showed us not once but twice along with West Ham and Newcastle. This is a site where we all love Spurs and agree to debate our opinions. You can live in a fantasy world and believe in AVB because he has the job at present but believe me he is only here short time. I back him 100% but have no illusions that he has some very worrying shortcomings. This system is not working and dont fool yourself about cries for time to let players bed in. I hope you find my grammar and spelling better this time as you view this through your rose tinted glasses.

    • Dear Whatathreenil,
      I would like to explains my comments to you:
      I keep faith in AVB because he has proved to be a great manager, I question you for thinking your smart enough to do his job for him and I don't like people who have to act like we've been relegated when we just lost one match.
      People make mistake, AVB might have made some, but instead of turning my back on the team, I'll just cheer louder to let them know they have real supporters, who follow them through the highs and the lows, while you boo every bad decision or pass they make.
      Have fun in your dark and unlovable world.
      Hobo Smurf

      P.S: What's the problem with you?!

  13. On another day we could have had 6 or 7, as it was we came up against Krul, who had a blinder. We made the chances they were just not going our way on the day. It,s coming. Keep the faith.


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