Real prepared to pay £45m for Pochettino

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

According to the Daily Star Sunday Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is prepared to offer Tottenham a huge fee to land Mauricio Pochettino.

It has been widely reported that Pochettino is reported to be one of Real’s top choices to succeed Zinedine Zidane at the Bernabeu after the Frenchman announced his shock departure this week just days after leading Los Blancos to their third Champions League title on the bounce.

Despite Madrid’s alleged interest Pochettino recently signed a new long-term deal and Spurs have no intention of letting him go however according to El Gol Digital, Real chief Perez is willing to pay Tottenham £45m (€51m) for the Argentinian coach.

The Spanish publication claims that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has demanded the huge fee because he is aware Pochettino is seen as one of the best coaches in the Premier League adding that the 46-year-old will have caused Levy to sweat recently when he hinted that the Madrid vacancy might be of interest to him.

Pochettino said: “When Real Madrid call you, you have to listen to them,” he said.Although in this case it doesn’t depend on me. I have just signed a long contract with Tottenham and I am very happy there.”

However according to respected journalist, and author of Pochettino’s book,Guillem Balague thinks the Spanish giants are no longer interested, because there don’t want to deal with Daniel Levy again.

Balague told Sky Sports: “Real could see there was so many positives in signing him, not just the fact he can deal with the stars but how he improves players and how he works with youth players as well.

He added: “But what they had in front of them was the possibility of negotiating with Daniel Levy for perhaps a month, even longer, with no guarantees whatsoever that they were going to get him.They know that Levy is a very tough negotiator, with Florentino having been in touch with him in recent seasons.They’ve decided to abandon the possibility of signing Mauricio Pochettino.”

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  1. When will all this BS stop, the media have an obsession with rocking the boat for the sake of a “sensational” headline, they just tend to ignore facts and attempt to unsettle players,managers etc.

  2. Shane Reid if I want to read the Daily Stars’ drivel I can read it for myself, I don’t need you to regurgitate this garbage. Do you really consider yourself a sports journalist? If so why don’t you come up with something original and TRUE!!

  3. totally agree, Poch is staying. Real Madrid are on the verge of collapse and need a massive rebuild but have no cash which is why Zidane left. Spurs are on the up and with our new stadium will be able to complete with the best. As for a price for Poch the minimum I would accept if I was Daniel Levy would be 850 million and Gareth Bale. ie the cost of our new stadium.

  4. So Madrid are prepared to pay 45m for Poch, and at the same time Madrid have ended their interest in Poch. Which is it? If you report both, I suppose, you can always claim you were right all the time.
    This is a miserable excuse for journalism.

  5. Let’s hope they FO quickly.
    Sick of hearing it already, Levy would be bonkers to budge on this one and whilst MP would probably go, I would like to think he would not cause a stink if Levy says no go.

  6. Total horse turds! Managers don’t age out like players do. What would Real Madrid pay for Kane or Neymar. Double that, add 45m pounds and they might have a chance.

  7. Will u get into ur thick heads poch is staying what is it with u press can’t sell our players so now it’s the gaffer go and find some real transfer stories

  8. What a load of bollocks. How many times does Poch have to say that he is not going anywhere before you stop bringing this bullshit?

  9. We’re not allowed to break into the elite group. Just not fashionable enough. Even Leicester city got some criticism, albeit limited, for deservedly winning the league. They just weren’t cool enough. Then the richer teams bought their players. This article is shite though. Are Real paying or not. As it’s the Star, I guess not.


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