Roberto Soldado – Will We Ever See The Man From Valencia?

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Dom Le Roy

I remember back in the summer seeing Franco Baldini pictured in Spain negotiating with Valencia for the sale of Roberto Soldado to Tottenham. Those last words, ‘Roberto Soldado to Tottenham’, was something I had been hoping to see for a long time yet never in a million years expecting to see on our official site. Naturally, I was extremely pleased with Franco and Levy’s work when the deal was finally announced. I thought we finally had our striker, the man to lead our attack and make us properly forget about Berbatov.

Sadly, things haven’t exactly panned out as I expected. He hasn’t been the player who in his three seasons scored 25, 27 and 30 goals in all competitions. One goal from open play in the Premier League, a string of penalties and numerous chances spurned has left the country wondering what we paid so much money for. Soldado was supposed to be our poacher, the man who took his chances clinically, wasn’t perpetually offside and would fire us into the holy grail of the Champions League.

The fact that this has yet to happen has left many people ready to discard the man in the summer, a far cry from the almost universal jubilance amongst Spurs fans when we signed him. This, I feel, would encapsulate the fickle nature that so many people associate with our club and our fans. Look at Adebayor this season, scoring for fun since Sherwood took over, yet last season he was missing the chances that Soldado has been missing (bar the Chelsea wonder goal of course!) and most were ready to sell him to anybody who’d take him in the summer.

Football fans are quick to forget. We forgot Adebayor’s debut season with us, we are forgetting Soldado’s record across his whole career and assuming that the version we have now is the only Soldado there is. What if Arsene Wenger did that with Aaron Ramsey, or Harry Redknapp did with Gareth Bale? Given time to adjust and gain some confidence, I truly think Soldado can be a valuable asset to this club and hopefully he will get back to the man we thought we had signed and his name will be sung from the terraces rather than associated with regret.

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  1. He is finding it hard to settle, his wife does not like London and he teenage daughter does not speak any English and goes to a private school which she does not like, there are trying to settle but it does not help that this is his first move outside of Spain and it's all abut if a culture shock, I'm very much in the know when it comes to Soldado

  2. Get the right manager in (one that can actually be classed a manager will be an improvement to the clueless toss we have currently) and soldado will be a new whl legend….

  3. Give this guy a chance. He is talking English lessons 3 times a week, He working hard in training and even doing extra training. Roberto is giving 110% unlike some of the other players. His family are finding it hard as well, his wife lost a child just before Christmas and that's hard at anytime never mind in a different country. I watched this guy for a few seasons before he came to Spurs and he is class.
    Even through he's not scoring he touch and general link up play is very good. You also all have to remember the only reason Ade is playing well is that is contact is up for renewal at the end of the season, the same as when he came on loan from City

  4. im tired of people saying he will come good, not only is he playing badly he looks like he doesn't care.When you byt a 28 year old for that kinda money you should expect the finished article

  5. This is not unique to Soldado we have had this problem for a long time, his confidence is very low right now and explains his glaring misses however chances are few and far between for any forward at Spurs, we have Aaron Lennon on one wing who being honest has frustrated the hell out of me from day one, I think the fans love him because his legs move quick but playing up front with him must be a nightmare, I watch strikers lose their man and make a run only for Lennon to check back and do something else with the ball, I watch Lennon totally rape a left back and stick the cross in the Park Lane end upper, on the other flank we don't have a winger anymore, we have a fill in , and when Townsend plays he wants to shoot from everywhere and has no consideration for any forwards.
    Our fans got on the case of Pavyluchenko too but I didn't see too many moaning when he flew in and buried a chance against Inter after a sensational run from Bale, strikers need service it is as simple as that, and not just 3 chances a game, the only men suited by no wingers are men who stand 6ft 3 like Adebayor and can play back to goal, perhaps another reason wack it smash it Defoe seldom went on a run of scoring goals in the prem (normally 8 in 6 games and sod all for the remaining 8 months) unless he picked it up himself and unleashed a screamer.

    GARY LINEKER WOULD BE A WASTE OF TIME IN OUR TEAM !!! Tragic really when you consider that famous cockerel has looked down on so many fabulous wide men in its time .

  6. Whats the fact that his wife doesnot like london or his daughter cant speak english got to do with putting the ball in the net.His miss against Dnipro was unbelievable and then against Norwich after good work by Lennon and Adebayor .that miss has probably finished Spurs for the Champions league.

  7. Agree with comments about lack of chances being created and about Bale etc. taking time to find their feet. Fans quickly forget how long it took Bale to even get a Premier win under his belt, let alone become the athletic goal machine that attracted Real Madrid last year. Soldado needs an extended run in the team, a bit of luck and hopefully will then come good. His all round play, linking up with others, has been good whenever he's been given a chance and he can't be judged on 10 minute cameos off the bench when the odd chance comes begging. Adebayor looks better when Soldado is on the field with him – we can't rely on him alone as his woeful performance against Norwich showed – and we need to play both up front, at least at home.


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