Rose red card overturned

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Danny Rose has won his appeal over the red card he was awarded against Manchester City on Wednesday night.

The Tottenham left-back was shown a straight red for a challenge on Edin Dzeko in the penalty area (even though he won the ball) in our 5-1 loss to the Premier League leaders.

A statement on the FA website read: “Danny Rose’s one-match suspension has been withdrawn with immediate effect, after the Tottenham Hotspur player’s wrongful dismissal claim was upheld by an Independent Regulatory Commission.

“Rose was dismissed in Tottenham’s game against Manchester City on Wednesday 29 January 2014, for denying a goal scoring opportunity.”

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  1. Is this a polite way of saying the ref is a complete gimp and him and accomplices managed to ruin what was turning out to be a good game ?

  2. Is there a polite way in saying thanks for ruining the game you sh*tta …

    Might have done our season – a replay seems the faierest optin

  3. That makes it fair I suppose. The FA should be charged with bringing the game in disrepute. We see bad decisions almost every game, players going down without being touched and being awarded penalties. Referees and assistant referees making wrong decisions. Getting back to why I think the FA should be charged is they have the power to stop this overnight, and they choose not to use technology which is available to every Skysports subscriber. It's almost instantaneous there is no honest reason as to why a governing body would take the decision not to make the right decision. Football is going through a period of accusations. For far too long now we have heard the FA giving excuses about the game would take too long if we used cameras to decide discrepancies, I would like the FA to time how long it took for the sending off of Rose and the taking of penalty. In that time I must have seen the incident over ten times, and made the right decision. If football wants to above reproach then go the right way, or be open to allegation of corruption.

  4. Here's another thing, if Rose was guilty of the foul and stopped a goal scoring opportunity then he should have stayed on when Man City actually scored from the spot. Compare that to the other end when Spurs scored and a Man City player (not the goalie) tried to stop the ball going in the net. He was guilty of red card infringement but got nothing. We score – Man City player stays on. They score, our guy goes off. A tale of two cities perhaps?


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