A Sandro Sized Hole


Any Spurs fan that has followed our club for any considerable amount of time is used to setbacks, disappointments and false dawns. The result on Sunday was terrible, for a number of reasons, not least the fact that the West Ham support is one of the more tedious to deal with. Their delusions of grandeur and obsession with our far superior in every way club has always been a constant source of annoyance to me over the years. What we cannot do though as a fan base is let this result cloud the optimism surrounding Spurs these days.

That optimism has been there for a reason. A squad which improves year on year, world class training facilities, a new stadium on the horizon, sound ownership with excellent business acumen and a leader in AVB that we can believe in and is capable of beginning a Ferguson like dynasty. One bad result does not override all these facts and let’s face it; the results before Sunday were not that bad. In addition to that the answer to Sunday’s issue was sitting on OUR bench not playing for another club.

The Beast was exactly what was called for in such a game. As I described above I believe in AVB and his methods. I see that using Dembele as a deep lying playmaker makes sense to break down a defensive unit but I can’t help but feel that Sandro needs to be an automatic selection as a defensive screen for our back four and ball winner for our more creative midfield players. If Sandro is not fit or not in form then the use of Capoue in that role is perfect. A two way battle for one spot between these two fully fit midfield generals can only be a good thing for the team.

Our midfield has worked when things are going well and against inferior opposition. Now West Ham are inferior opposition but this was a derby that means a lot to that club. The 2nd half against Chelsea also highlighted the need for Sandro’s inclusion. When a team wants to attack us Sandro is the solution. The lack of cover to the counter was deeply exposed too on Sunday, something Sandro would have helped. If we go back to the derby away at the Woolwich Wanderers we can see that despite a loss we dominated possession and had more goal attempts than the home team. This was because we were set up with the holding midfielder. Capoue before injury and Sandro after. At that stage we were playing without the brilliance and creativity of Erikson or the current form of Holtby. Who with either I believe we would have secured at least a draw that day.

With the international break now upon us we cannot have that instant fix of a win to make us feel better. What we do have though is two weeks for the likes of Rose, Lennon and more importantly Capoue and Sandro to get back to full fitness. Stay positive and believe that AVB will have this figured out sooner rather than later.

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  1. AVB to sort it out, dont hold your breath, time running out, too many bad decisions. Play a system that suits the players that you have at WHL not as used at Porto

  2. First off you we're well beaten by the "Woolwich Wanderers" with your keeper the only reason you weren't on the end of a another 5-2 hiding. Capoue, good player that he is, was completely over run during his time on the pitch and when Arsenal attacked he simply couldn't cope with the speed of movement and interchange. That aside…….

    I think Sandro is becoming a bit of a Diaby like figure to Spurs in that the less games he plays the better a player he becomes. When he is missing all your woes are blamed on him not being there and he is held up as a constant source of a bright future. Hence such "when Sandro gets back will win all our games" or "if Sandro had stayed fit/played we would have murdered them".
    Facts are he's played maybe 20 league games a season for the past few years and I don't think is all that highly regarded outside of WHL. He doesn't score, isn't particularly creative and defensive stats would suggest that he is not this "Beast" of Lillywhite legend. He's a decent, possibly even good player but nothing more.

    • Sometimes you need to watch a player to appreciate them, rather than looking at stats. He is a great player with and without the ball and he will make a difference.

    • Dont start me on your lot look at your weight loss and the only player caught taking drugs since Mutu was ex Arsenal Toure . I warned our fans about ephedrine abuse five years ago and now its the second half tipple of many cheating players and this is what i seen during all the shocks lately. The fact you drawn to West Brom was down to the fact they are no different than your lot. Whats happening now is teams from 80-90 drug tests are being looked at because of amphetamine abuse mixed with drink to mask The committee who are looking into it said it could alter the history of some clubs just like Baseball hall of shame and Australian Rugby League. I hope this help you to question Dr Wengers methods because this is why you lot suffer Burn out and then get it back for you ten game run, I knew West Ham would play the way they did and said so but 3-0 was not my score more 1-0 . What AVB needs to relies like Harry did you cant play Thursday and Sunday in the Prem or you get mugged by extra eneregy i was tokd by testers its in samples but not enough. This statement staggered me so i asked her why she said they are running it off during games . I thought this was a stupid statement but when Toure got caught hes unused sub made me think Mancini never knew what is player was taking and probably cost him is lob. This is not sour grapes but something i cant stay silent about and every sudden death makes me wonder if its normal heart attack or Ephedrine causing players to die of exhaustion.

  3. Ok, so Sandro in the team perhaps stops 1 or 2 of the goals we conceded. But does not directly help us break down West Ham, nor create chances. West Ham were sitting back and hitting us on the break. That did not call for Sandro. Vs Chelsea in the second half perhaps yes. I think a lesson was that the AVB tried something in the first half – Defoe, and it did not work. Perhaps half time was a chance to make a change (hindsight is a great thing sadly)

  4. Really good post and am in agreement with you that Sandro in my opinion should be the first name on the team sheet. Spurs were bullied in midfield and unfortunately had no plan B. We need Lennon back asap. No width on the right hand side as Townsend cuts inside to often due to being left footed. When he does skin a player as he did a few times on Sunday then Spurs looked dangerous. Instead he cut inside to often into the 'traffic jam' of West Ham players. Play Townsend on the left and it will stop him cutting inside. We also need a target man up front. Whatever you think of Ade (and i think he can be bone idle) Spurs could have done with him on Sunday to lead the line.

  5. "a leader in AVB that we can believe in and is capable of beginning a Ferguson like dynasty."

    is this a joke??? He's had one ok season with Spurs and a failed spell at Chelsea. And now you think he could be as good as Fergerson……

    • I have to a agree with Galway Gooner as I think that he is going to become another manager casualty as soon as he [email protected]@k's up! which he will, as he is tactically naïve. West Ham at home and playing a pint sized striker against four defenders! Say no more "there may be trouble ahead".

  6. I completely agree about Defoe as Soldado's movement and link up play has been outstanding. The reason I believe Sandro helps creativity is because he wins the ball back, feeds others and does prevent counter attacks which we were coming up against on Sunday. The Defoe issue was however as important

  7. Finally, i can relate to an article.
    I've always rated AVB and his tactical awareness but how did he not see once Chelsea took of Mikel for Mata, taking off Dembele for Sandro was our move to balance things out ? Any spurs fan with knowledge of football did…
    I love my Spurs, they are the highlight of my week, however, watching them in the league lately is putting me to sleep.
    AVB needs to change this current system as is doesn't really suit the players or Spurs as a team. I want to see more flair and chances created. It honestly does look like we are just trying to win games 1-0. Really boring stuff, even when it does pay off.
    I belive our best system would be 4-1-4-1 with Sandro as the holding midfielder. This will allow the players in front more room to express themselves. Would love to see a combination of holby/eriksen in front of Sandro….

  8. I said it in my blog earlier – Sandro should have been on in the second half against Chelsea and as a direct result should have started against WetSpam It´s all very well saying that Paulinho and Dembele are better ball playing midfielders but if they cannot get the ball off the opposition what is the point. Still start as 4-2-3-1 but this can change to 4-3-3 or even 3-4-3 as required. To make it work you need a truly defensive midfielder – someone who has played at centre back – someone like Sandro.


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