Searching for urgency – and two other issues Spurs need to fix


Trying to get a handle on this season so far hasn’t been easy. Impressed as I was with our start, the Arsenal game and now the West Ham game seemed to halt my sense of optimism. Now I know that’s what being a Spurs fan is all about – but I thought I’d look deeper – what’s missing?

Here are the three things I think Spurs need to address – need to fix – and I think they need to do it fairly sharpish.

1. Our sense of urgency. I can’t be the only one who wants us to have a little bit of ruthless efficiency early on? We still seem to be taking too long to get going in some games and that costs us – I want us to be in the mix early and dictating the game. I’m sure it’s harder for teams to justify parking the bus if they’re two goals down and need to be chasing the game. We need more urgency in the early stages.

2. Our defending at set-pieces. I’d waited a long time to have some free kick specialists in the team and for us to score from those chances. There really is something else when it comes to seeing Baines, Ronaldo, Bale lining up to take a kick against you – it puts fear in teams. But what we have now seems to be the opposite problem. Teams scoring against us from set-pieces when it’s not even specialists. I think a large part of the problem is that we still don’t seem happy with our first choice back four pairing and we can’t keep mixing them about when there is fatigue from European games. I’ve always said playing football on four fronts and being serious about them all is good – but you always have to priortise the league. I want us to have the best chance at Champions League and that means not giving away so many easy goals. We need to tighten up at defending from set-pieces.

3. Soldado and Defoe. I’m not sure what’s going on here to be honest. I have a lot of time for Defoe but I don’t feel his hold-up play is as good as it needs to be. Lets be fair at some times it’s non-existent. I thought we’d brought in Soldado to do this better and whilst he hasn’t set the league alight, I’m not sure swapping the two around is the best way to go. I appreciate we need to create competition for places but something about this just doesn’t feel right. Am I alone in this opinion?

Do you think I’ve identified the first three things we need to fix? Are there more? Am I totally deluded? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

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  1. The main issue with this Spurs team is the poor link up with midfield and attack. This is the reason why Soldado and Defoe have not scored a single goal in open play in the premier league.

    Playing two of Dembele, Paulinho, Sandro and Capoue offers very little creativity to the team. These players do not create goal scoring opportunities. It is okay to play one of these players in a defensive midfield role, when it is needed, but to play two of them means that the strikers are robbed of opportunities.

    The solution is to bring in a creative playmaker into midfield (someone like Pjanic). Tom Carroll could do this job and should be brought back in January if possible. Also try Holtby and Eriksen together with Carroll.

    The other issue is not enough crosses from the wingers, which Soldado thrives on. The solution would be to play Lennon on the right wing and Townsend on the left wing.

  2. We need to get the most from Soldado. His movements open space for the others to score freely. He is good at assisting others. He can score provided that the CM provide the food to him in the penalty box. Defoe score 10% of his chances. Ade is good at hold up and assist but cannot score enough goals. Conclusion: it's better to have soldado since if he is not scoring then he is assisting PLUS we need another striker so that Ade and Defoe are sold to other teams.

  3. I have also noticed we often break through into the opposition half with little between the player that breaks through and the goalie. The player then stops and waits for his support (and all the opposition players to catch up) why? If you run through and have one defender and a goalie they have a far greater chance that 10 players in front (even our own get in the way of shots sometimes).

  4. I agree with your statement we need more urgency from the off
    I also think team selection should be right ,why pick a right back for a left back position
    when we have other players who can do the job, not one cross came from the left side during
    the whole of the last game, and why don't we put players on the goal line at corners?
    in my opinion walker is not good enough to many times caught out of position Sandro is a must
    for the defensive midfield role along side Holtby then we would have the urgentcy you mentiond

  5. I think there are some valid points there, i belive our build up play is far too slow and almost robotic at times. Spurs at their best when we had Lennon and Bale fizzing balls across the box – we cried out for a striker to finish. Now we have bought Soldado and now play so narrow its a joke – Soldado is a box player feeding off crosses but we have no width, thus the lack of goals.

    I have no time for Defoe very overated scores against minnows – flat track bully. If anything hate to say it but some physical presence up top might be needed in Ade.

    At the back Dawson is getting found out too many times and good a run as it was from Morrison Dawson was like bambi on ice and Jan has to get back and Naughton be covering round.

    The sooner we get Rose and Kaboul back we will be more solid.

    The manager also has to take blame for selection to me he does not know what is his best side yet and that will take time but could be too late for CL i hope not.

  6. We are too slow and predictable with no width. No point playing 2 defensive midfielders against teams that park bus and at WHL.
    Lennon and Lamela/Townsend are needed for width and should rarely cut in but hug the line and deliver variety of crosses to force errors in the opponents box.
    Danny Rose and Walker need to deliver more crosses from deep so we are not too one dimensional. And with this, Soldado would be hard to police.
    We must work very hard in defending set pieces and corners! Putting 2 players on each post will help a lot as we have conceded a lot of goals since last season from corners, We have a very tall team and this should be our strength and not weakness. Kaboul is desperately needed as he is very good in defending set pieces and also attacking. Kaboul and Vertoghen should be our choice centre backs and Dawson a back up.

  7. can't believe most on here Kaboul this kaboul that
    vertoghen this vertoghen that
    fact kaboul can' even play a full game!
    all the experts on telly/radio blame vetoghen not dawson
    put the beast (sandro) in front off defence and Morrison would not get near our box
    also should never have sold chaulker


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