Shed no tears for AVB

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Well, Daniel Levy has finally done what the majority of us wanted in terminating AVB’s contract.

As all of you who read my articles know, I was never in favour of having AVB from the start. I could never understand why we would require a ‘failure’ from Chelsea, and unfortunately, I was proved right.

Statistics are an nomally. It may be said that he had a better win record than any of his Premier League predecessors, but when you get drawn against 3rd rate clubs in the UEFA League, then you really should win those games – even with the ‘youth side’.

But AVB’s main problem was he ‘never’ learnt from his mistakes, and he made so many. I said in my 1st Article when he became our new manager that he was ‘Tactically Naive’ and of course he was. He had no idea about substitutions, had no idea of playing the right players at the right time, but more than anything had no idea of the system he was using. He really annoyed most supporters with his One Up Front policy where Soldado or Defoe were starved of service, and simply was useless in trying to change things (which he very seldom did anyway), but everyone you speak to knew we were NOT scoring goals, we have played mainly boring football most of the season, and of course, it may sound a silly comment, but you cannot win games without scoring goals. Unfortunately, AVB did seem to think that way.

Yes Daniel Levy and the Board must take responsibility for giving him the job in the first place, but it was evident from the first six matches in his charge that he had absolutely no idea and was hopeless – as I said at the time.

Of course he was never going to resign, simply because by law if he had have done, he would not get any compensation. The only way he would get paid was to be sacked. You can understand why – probably we would all do the same – but if he had any thoughts for the good of the club, he should have resigned.

He had a real moan at us supporters some weeks ago, which in my mind is the lowest of the low. He also betrayed the players when he hung our dirty linen out in public.

Who we get in future, we dont know. All I can say, is that whoever we get, and with the squad of players we have, they will do a far better job for THFC than AVB ever did or could of done.

In my opinion, the buck stops with the Manager and AVB comes under one of the worst managers we have ever had – not far behind Terry Neill (who was the worst), and his sacking could be the lift for the Club that we all need. It may take a few weeks to get things right, but i do believe we can move on and upwards from here, rather than ‘downwards’ under AVB.

So simply, we should not shed a tear for AVB. In fact, good riddance.

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