Sherwood has the biggest decision of his Tottenham career

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Just how many games dare he start Abebayor over the remaining games of the season?

If that is, Spurs get past FC Dnipro this Thursday – a reasonably sized IF!

Spurs could face up to an additional 7 extra games in the remainder of the season if they reach the Europa League.

Although some Spurs fans have yet again hit the panic button after the defeat to Norwich on the weekend, we are still only a point behind last season’s total (51 points) after 27 games and 3 behind the year before under Harry Redknapp (53).

Whatever some people say, the facts are Sherwood is still doing very well.

Of course we can’t control what Liverpool do as the season draws to a close, but their much fewer games to play – only 12, the fact they kept their world class talent and their stable management structure and a 6 point lead give them the advantage.

As I covered in a recent detailed post – Spurs are only the 6th biggest team in the Premiership so 4th place would be a significant over achievement.

Adebayor in the last 10 games has established himself as our most valuable player – a match winner. In all the doom and gloom a player, who like Bale last season, can and has won games. Spurs lack of goals this season, whilst improving is still cause for concern if Ade isn’t scoring.

Here is what our end of season run in could look like with an extended Europa Cup campaign.


Some Spurs fans would regard 5th in the League and a Europa League final a good season for Spurs. The current betting still has Spurs joint 3rd favourites, if we overcome FC Dnipro you can expect that us to go back to 2nd place favourites behind Juventus.

Here is the current betting:


Of the teams left in the competition only Juventus have a better squad based on Transfermkt’s latest squad values. So if we take this competition seriously we have every chance to do very well.

So when does Tim play Adebayor? It would seem high risk to play in in all our remaining games – up to 19 so how will Tim prioritise?

On paper Liverpool deserve 4th spot in the league, but last couple of seasons so have we and we have still missed out, so perhaps there are some more twists and turns.

You could elect to drop Ade for our home PL games, although it’s our home form that has let us down so if/until 4th Spot is out of reach surely Ade must play every PL game he can.

For me I’d keep Ade on the bench this Thursday and play Soldado with an attacking midfield playing both Eriksen and Townsend from the start and if we win that’s great and if we lose so be it. The pitch for the FC Dnipro home game was the worst I have seen in years on the White Hart Lane pitch you can expect a very different game.

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When you look at the facts things aren’t that bad, so cheer up Spurs fans.

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  1. Ade was terrible on Sunday (as was Townsend last Thursday) so frankly I doubt it matters. God know why he didnt play Eriksen in either game (at all on sunday – crazy!!! the game was crying out for a bit of creativity!). Tim blindness as regards Bentaleb, who is clearly out of his depth scares me.
    Of course the problem is that Tim himself is out of his depth. The argument that we are better than under ABV is moronic. Were pretty much the same…against the better teams we are second best and we still struggle to kill off teams we should roll over. For every Newcastle there's a Norwich.
    Europa league??? No way. If we manage 5th now it will have to do. For that we will have to rely on Everton continuing to slip and Utd continuing to play like donkeys. If either of them put a run in we wont keep up…


  2. Yeah all very fair I think Southampton will be a tough game for Liverpool this weekend, they are certainly not the finished article and I think we have every chance of 'being given' the opportunity to take 4th back, now do we have the consistency and desire to take it when it shows itself ? As for the Europa League Juventus and Napoli are so strong at home that I think it is a step too far, our defending is bloody awful and you can't win any trophy with defenders being disjointed and midfielders not tracking back and covering, It is very easy to point the finger at Dawson given his recent displays but he is club captain and I do wonder what the other players really think when they see him hammering balls into touch and stumbling over his own feet, the art to being a captain and a leader is being able to do your own job and still instruct others, Ledley had it in abundance, so does the slag from SW land. and by christ we need a leader out there now, yep dawson would throw himself under a bus for the team, but sometimes it is easier to stand on the pavement and see the bigger picture.

  3. Yeah…says it all really…Adebayor…used to be Bale, Modric, Lennon, Van de Vart…now that useless cxxt…how far we have fallen.

  4. Absolute joke at Spurs – loaning out all the best creative players. Not playing Eriksen who is the only creative player left. Picking donkeys to play in midfield every week. It is like watching a pub team.

      • Zoltan,I agree with you mate, a strong talented captain and a strong manager.Tim's done a great job til now, but those last 2 games were poor.I¨ve been a Spurs fan sice the days of my then idol Jimmy Greaves, and we need a bloody top class striker. Adebayor did ok, but most of his goals were 'tap-ins'.Track him in most games and you will not believe his poor positional play,passing,offsides and missed chances.I know lots of Spurs fans won't agree, but my opinion is, it's just a flash-in-the-pan.
        Some cynics called Greavsie 'a goal-hanger', but he did the business for club and country, I called him a 'real striker' !

  5. I've been a Spurs fan from the days of Steve Perryman who was a great leader and true, we do need a leader. There is so much talent at the club but I'm not sure there is direction. We are too fragile and not since Harry left have I seen anyone dig in. Should we go a goal down to a big club we resign to damage limitation instead of concentrating on our strengths. My opinion is that we need a strong manager and a strong captain.

  6. i would rest ade tonight play soldado he needs playing time if we cant beat dnipro (whatever they are called )with friedal useless rose donkey daws naughton coupe at cb if fit townsend chadli bentaleb give sandro a run out to get him match fit soldado and play our brightest player erickson with that team we are a disgrace apart from erickson sandro soldado (still believe he will come good next season)coupe and townsend(keep those two as squad players)send bentaleb back to under 21 s and sell the rest on that team sheet come july1 and bring in a new manager i lean towards de boer as he is experienced for his age has worked well with erik and verts and good with young players and his contacts in holland i think v gall is old and just looking for his retirement fund coys

  7. i still think that we may have to finish 3rd anyway who knows one of the prem teams may win the champ league . We should try and win a cup at least we would have some silverware. I find it funny that players and managers moan about being in the ueafa cup and playing on thursday it is the same as if we are in the champ league and playing on wednesday still get the same rest time because you play on sunday

  8. OMG! How can we ask a highly paid professional athlete to perform 19 times in in just over 70 days?

    WTF are you on about? Of course we don’t ask. We demand!

    I expect 100% commitment from all of our players. If any one of them is unwilling to give this, then we get rid of them and good riddance.

  9. I agree with a lot of the tweets above.We have the most of the players we need, it's just the tactics and the way the players used are wrong.Rest Adebayor,Rose and Naughton for ever! Give the captaincy to Sandro. Play Townsend and Lennon wide and put Dembele as main striker with Erikson 'in the hole'.I know it sounds a bit mad, but I'm a fan since 1966-7 and it can't produce a worse result than the last 2 games now, can it ?

  10. Benfica carry a 1-0 away win over PAOK and are pretty certain to go through. I would love us to beat Benfica. My heart says ‘Yes!’ but my head says ‘Not going to happen’. If we beat Benfica we can win the Europa League.

  11. Why in the world is Bentaleb starting every game and never being substituted? TIM SHERWOOD is the craziest of all managers any club can have!!! How can Bentaleb be ahead of Erikssen when the team is not even creating chances? How can Bentaleb even be ahead of Holtby or Sigurdsson? He is not even anywhere near the 'great' Huddlestone. Sherwood, please go before you destroy the team. Erikssen being left out the way he has been may lead to him departing the club someday. And he is one of the very few truly talented players that we have currently. Please stop the nonsense with Bentaleb Sherwood. It pains me as true supporter of the club to see him touching and passing the balls sideways all the time without any creativity. Neither does he tackle. And both Dembele and Paulinho automatically becomes ineffective when playing alongside Bentaleb simply because they can't find the attacking midfielder in front of them to pass the balls to. Imagine if there was a Modric or Van Der Vaart ahead of Dembele and Paulinho. We have not Modric or VDV anymore but we at least have Erikssen. So please use him.

  12. Dim Sherwood could not pick a flower let alone the right team !!! Against Norwich..who have not scored at home since December he decided to play with one forward…play Dembele on the right wing…Lennon left wing…..young Benteleb who is going to be a good player but NOT YET…….leaves our only creative player on the bench……I ask why is it us so called amateurs can see the problem but these so called professionals see nothing or something completely different ?????

    • Er that was pretty much the team that beat Newcastle 0-4 the week before. But agree he didn't get it quite right. He's done well enough to earn some patience though


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