Sherwood: Spurs Cannot Lose Rose

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Former Spurs gaffer Tim Sherwood has offered his insight into the Danny Rose situation, claiming that Spurs must do what they can not lose the left-back, and that the situation is ‘delicate’ for the Tottenham hierarchy.

Danny Rose’s controversial comments released by The Sun have been the football talk of the day, with many suggesting Rose has hinted at a future away from Tottenham, a club he’s been at for a decade, since 2007.

Sherwood, who made over 90 appearances for Spurs before briefly managing the side for 6 months in December 2013, believes that Danny Rose is the best left-back in the Premier League and that Spurs must avoid losing out the defender to a rival.

In an interview on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast radio show, the former Spurs coach explained that the situation is difficult for a manager and that it needs to be dealt with very carefully.

“They have to be very careful,” He said. “As a manager, if you start going very hard into a player he will just say ‘well, I want to leave’ and someone will pay that magic figure for Danny Rose.”

“He is one of best left-backs – if not the best – in the country and I can see Man City and Man United and all these guys putting their hand up to sign Danny Rose.”

Sherwood then went on to suggest that Tottenham’s business so far in the transfer window has put them in an even harder position, given that one leading full-back has already passed through the exit door already this Summer.

“As a manager, you don’t want to burn any bridges with the players,” He added. “I know Danny, his personality, what he can be like.”

“Sometimes you can’t always give it to them that straight because you need them players – and Tottenham certainly need him.”

“They have lost their first choice right-back in Kyle Walker. They cannot lose Danny Rose. So it is a very delicate situation that the manager has to deal with there.”

Sherwood isn’t the only former coach to have had his say on the Rose situation, as SkySports pundit Gary Neville took to social media to reveal his surprise at the news.

Former Tottenham Chairman Sir Alan Sugar also weighed in on the saga, expressing his disgust in one short tweet.

Do you agree with Sherwood? Do you think Spurs are in danger of losing Rose? How much do you think he’s worth?


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  1. I don’t even agree with Tim Sherwood on what day it is, but on this he’s right. The talk about Shaw and money for Rose is complete nonsense, Man Utd and Chelsea combined don’t have enough money to make that work. The only way to let Rose go would be to persuade Fulham to let Sessegnon go.
    This started, like a virus, with Walker who has always been the measure by which Rose judges himself. However, what’s done is done and now it has to be repaired. A top class RB as a matching bookend is the place to start. Pereira might be good enough, but Toljan probably isn’t. Sanchez on the other hand is probably an upgrade and would be guaranteed to shut Rose up.


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