Sherwood: I Wouldn’t Let Walker Leave

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Former Spurs boss Tim Sherwood has given his verdict on the futures of Kyle Walker, Eric Dier and Harry Kane, in an interview with TalkSport.

Spurs right-back Kyle Walker has been heavily linked with a move to Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City for over a month now and is widely expected to leave Tottenham for a fee as high as £50 million.

Former Spur Tim Sherwood however believes Walker should be made to stay and see out his contract, revealing that if he was still boss, he’d refuse to let him go. In an interview with TalkSport Sherwood said:

“I wouldn’t let him go, as I think he’s a good player. I think Tottenham need two players in every position.”

“I think Trippier and Walker are the two best right-backs in the division.”

He then went on to speak about versatile midfielder Eric Dier, who was linked to the other side of Manchester, Jose Mourinho’s Red Devils.

Though the rumour was quickly shut-down, Sherwood stated he could understand why Manchester United would pursue the 23 year old.

“I looked at Dier when he was 15/16,” He added. “We tracked him and had him in, and that was a long time in the making.”

“He’s a reliable player, and is very versatile. He knows his limitations and sits in to the centre-back role or be a number six.”

“I can see why Manchester United want him.”

Finally, Sherwood spoke about Tottenham talisman Harry Kane, who scored his first ever Premier League goal for Spurs while under Sherwood’s management in 2014.

While speaking highly of the 23 year old, Sherwood also revealed his fears that Real Madrid are the only club capable of stealing the sensational striker away from Spurs. He said:

“Harry’s a superstar, he will continue to score goals. He’s got everything. His biggest attribute is between his ears. I hope he stays at Tottenham for the rest of his career.”

“The only danger is a team in another white shirt in Real Madrid. I think if they come calling it will be a real test of Tottenham’s resolve.”

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  1. Tim who, hasn’t he failed as manager or coach where ever he has been so who cares what he thinks, if he was so astute he would still be Spurs manager

  2. Timmy sprouting his stuff again, how funny he thinks he is an expert on all things Spurs when as manager he had not a clue how to tactically manage the team and players. None league Football will be his next destination!

  3. He’s certainly right about Walker. Spurs would be shooting themselves in the foot if they
    allowed him to leave, whether for 40, 50 or even £60m. Plus we’ll be helping a PL competitor. Let him remain for one more season us time to develop or buy and then bed in another right back he can alternate with Trippier in what will be a tough but hopefully rewarding season. Walker will play his heart out next term in order to ensure he gets the best move in 2018 ..and Spurs may well get close to that transfer figure they’re thinking of right now. But even if it’s less, it will still be far more rewarding for Spurs (money and success wise) if we keep him for one more season!


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