Sherwood’s fighting ambition shows a true Hotspur in our manager

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy


‘To dare is to do’, a Latin signature we gifted ourselves through pride, status and the quality of our team, Tottenham Hotspur.

Spurs are away to Norwich at Carrow road on Sunday and then just five days later hosting Cardiff City at White Hart Lane and should tally up an extra six points onto our campaign. Totalling to fifty six points. Just one point away from the current League leaders Chelsea. Only seven points sit between us and the top spot with just three points separating us from Liverpool and our much desired fourth position. Norwich are currently on seven points in a whopping twelve games and sitting just one point above relegation zone and Cardiff have achieved ten points since the appointment of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and currently sitting in nineteenth on the table.  The 4-0 victory over our opponents Newcastle United a week last Thursday against a team admittedly struggling after the departure of the exciting game-changing midfielder Yohan Cabaye, displayed to its peers and fans that our fight for the top four position is well and truly alive. And significantly, our performance of the season thus far.

Spurs did have a slow start to the campaign and have endeavoured proudly to be within grasp of a fourth placed position. Having such a face-lift after the dearly departed Gareth Bale and co, created an ambition of which I believe any fan of football would have automatically written us off for a title race or champions league position. But see us as a team who have already laid the foundations with the likes of Lloris, Walker, Vertonghan, Demebele, Lennon,Townsend, Adebayor and rapidly forming the brick work with the massive overhaul and installation of seven quality players. Obviously, when a team goes through such drastic changes forced by ambition, that team needs to be allowed time to gel. Much like the formidable Manchester City after Sheik Mansur took over the club. Man City needed a whole season to start playing like a team. Any team going through a major transition needs time to settle. However due to the recent success Spurs have endured, becoming one of the more exciting teams in Europe. Spurs fans have, much like Arsenal fans, instilled this belief of a victory in  every game. We (the fan) forget that we have just been through that dramatic change with the view of ‘building Tottenham’s future’ for success and finally take back the reins of our historical feud with North London rivals Arsenal. Guided by the young and exciting, enigmatic manager AVB, installed as the manager that can walk us hand-in-hand into our successful future. It seems that that plan also had a clause of which ensured a fourth placed position immediately, regardless of the massive overhaul. The board were clearly rattled when AVB went through a run of heavy losses with Spurs. One of those games played against ‘arguably’ the best team in the premier league (Man City) and perhaps one of the best teams worldwide. And then of course Brendan Rodger’s Mighty Red’s, Liverpool.  Perhaps the only team that has impressed more so than Pochettino’s Southampton. Southampton who managed to endeavour eight straight games in-a-row in two different stages of this seasons campaign without losing. Liverpool of course maintained their most valuable asset and significantly the best striker in the league, Luis Suarez, after heavily resisting the intense negotiating pressures of the super powers in Spain. That significant 5-0 defeat was the last straw for the board. ‘Long term ambitions can wait until next season’, we still, however must qualify for champions league and if not, lean on our ambitions as a make weight and an excuse to strive next season. All very twisted and backward in my view. I feel most of us were more ‘hoping’ for a fourth place this season considering the circumstances.

Subsequently, the fate of Tottenham Hotspur season has fallen into the hands of  the newly appointed Tim Sherwood. Sherwood as we all know has played for the club, been on the coaching staff of the club since 2007 working with our youngsters and becoming a profound invaluable asset among the club’s board, staff and players. The task at hand, we all feared, would be a short term solution until rescued by some big name manager commandeered by the men upstairs (Levy). However Sherwood has pleasantly surprised us all. Sherwood is reminding the club and fans what we once stood for. His fight and spirit alone has carried us way beyond what I imagine was expected of him. His credentials alone on paper suggested that he’d jumped into a ring, an amateur and perhaps a welter weight fighting against heavyweights like Mike Tyson and the Klitschko’s, only to size up with an inflated chest ready to blow for blow, toe to toe. Few managers have entered in to the Premier League with such weight on their shoulders and managed to carry that weight with ease and remind those who ever doubted him that the club he so proudly represents has its reputation due to people like Sherwood’s fight and tenacity to carry that tradition. ‘To dare is to do’. I can see Sherwood dressed like Maximus Decimus Meridus, humble and unafraid of the task ahead. Fearless. His focus is what encourages me. No promises made other than what is delivered into the next game. He has experience and knowledge amongst the youth which is encouraging. He knows the squad and club and values the talent available. Giving the youngsters the spotlight at what feels to be such a fragile time has been both bold and insightful. The ‘magnificent seven’ are still battling out for starting eleven week in week out. Lamela  and Chrices still injured. Paulinho has slotted in seamlessly and more impressively than our good old pal RVDV. Sherwood is cleverly allowing the players the time to mould. Spurs for the first time in a long time have options. Our squad has amassed in size and can now compete with the very best in the country. Sherwood continues to push through the campaign like it was scripted for him.  The drive and ambition he has injected in to the squad is contagious and feels like the entire squad has his back and want to succeed. Twenty three points gained from ten premier league games. A simple equation equals to a successful Seven wins, Two draws and a loss. Wins against Man Utd, Everton, Southampton and Newcastle have significantly pushed us within reach of a champions league position and honestly, who would have thought? This marvel manager who has yet to complete his badges? With twelve games to go, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea ahead in those fixtures, Sherwood must keep up that olde fighting spirit..  ‘AUDERE EST FACERE’.

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