Which side are you on?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

As Spurs fans I think that I can safely say we know that there are two types of us: Optimists and Pessimists. We all know someone who has said to us, or that we have said ourselves, ‘Spurs just don’t know each other very well at the moment. Once the players start to gel and get to know each other, they’ll be the best team in the league!’

Alternatively, there are those that have said, or (again) that we have said ourselves, ‘Spurs spent over £100 million pounds on players this summer, but we are yet to see results that equal that vast sum!’ or something to that effect.

I believe that I, and some other Spurs fans that I know, fall into a third category – the middle. In my opinion, it’s true that Spurs look like a team that don’t know each other very well, and who need time to adjust to not only themselves, but also the loss of the Welsh Wizard. In other words I believe that the team lacks chemistry.

However there is another part of me (why I fall into a third category) which is frustrated at the lack of goals, and attacking prowess. I hate the fact that, although we’ve had over 70 shots in the league, we’ve only scored 9 times. This part feels somewhat let down, almost stood-up in a way, for what it thought was going to be an impressive and jubilant time for Spurs, is actually one of distasteful shock.

I would love to hear what everyone else thinks, and where you lot all stand on this, so please comment below what your thoughts are.

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