Sissoko to Spurs is a done deal

Image: SpursWeb

France midfielder Moussa Sissoko says he has signed for Tottenham on a five-year contract from Newcastle.

The 27-year-old was the subject of a late move from Spurs, who have beaten Everton to signing the midfielder for a reported £30million fee.

Typical late transfer deadline day drama from Tottenham!

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  1. Here is what I see as a justification:

    1. He is an ersatz Dembele. He receives the ball in midfield and has the frame and physical force to protect and move the ball up the pitch. From my brief highlight observations, his touch is a B+ as is his passing. He doesn't have the passing accuracy of Dembele or the finishing. However, he has the physicality of Dembele and the willingness to take on opposition players while with the ball. If we learned anything from the last two possession heavy years, it is this: We need a strong on-the-ball midfielder to beat an opposition midfielder/defender on the dribble and create mismatches/space for our skill payers to thrive. We are not striving to be a Chelsea-esque park-the-bus and counter-attack kind of team. If we are to play possession football, we need players who can unlock a defense, and you need to beat a man to do so. Sissoko looks to have that ability (if inconsistently). Bottom line is that in the first three games of this Premier League season, we were clearly missing a component necessary to be successful (Dembele suspension). The Champion's League has a more exacting standard and we cannot rely on one player to play that role.

    2. His pace is a plus 1. He is not Dembele (though Dembele himself was not a composed and impressive Dembele until last year). However, if you put more pace and willingness to drive forward into a Dembele-esque midfielder, the benefit is that when/if the ball is lost, it is list in a position that is less dangerous. My current concern, with our generally lightweight attacking midfield, is that if/when we lose the ball it it is in a potentially dangerous area because we haven't the physicality or speed to advance the ball forward before engaging our "creativity". Oh, and his pace may actually produce goals, flat out.

    3. Poch wanted him. No way Levy pulls the trigger on a 27 year old speedster unless Poch laid down a marker. We sold Chadli and Mason, two of our most physical midfielders, and needed replacement. Mason was a breath of fresh air two year ago with his willingness to risk a forward pass during the reign of AVB and the pass efficiency statistical grind towards snooze-dom. Chadli was the most immediately rewarding of the Bale returns – but eventually revealed himself to be a one-trick (cut in from left and curl to far corner from the edge of the 18) pony. But as our level of skill/competition increased, Mason looked increasingly off the pace and Chadli looked increasingly predictable. He cost more than their fees combined, but Sissoko also looks to have the physicality and offensive threat of Chadli and Mason combined. You can only put so many bodies on the pitch – so a twofer (relative to previous options) is a no brainer.

    Okay, that's my positive spin on a seemingly ludicrous last-minute deal. Bottom line for me is that we're thin on physical and offensive-minded midfielders. We in the CL, where we hope to stay; existential squad gaps must be addressed lest we prove ourselves lesser to our fans and future recruits.

  2. Typical Levy linked with Isco sign Sissoko. Trying too fool us fans again think it is good enough too be linked with world class players. Trying too a sign Ferrari but we sign a Skoda instead. Levy and Lewis need too sell the club, taken us further than under Lord Sugar but without him wouldn't be a Tottenham Hotspur but need someone new too go the next step.


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