Southampton insist no Spurs move for Schneiderlin

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Southampton boss Ronald Koeman says Morgan Schneiderlin is not in the right frame of mind to play against Bayer Leverkusen.

The French international was heavily linked with a move to Tottenham Hotspur a couple of weeks ago and was upset when Saints chairman Ralph Krueger insisted that the player would not be moving anywhere.

Schneiderlin spent two days training separately this week, but Saints are prepared to remain firm that he will not be leaving for Tottenham.

“The situation is difficult, the player makes it difficult,” Saints boss Ronald Koeman told the press.

“I spoke to him with our chairman and the situation has not changed – we don’t sell Schneiderlin and he has to accept that.

“Tomorrow he is not in the squad. He said he is not physically and, even more, mentally prepared for tomorrow.

“On one side I can understand that. We told him to take the weekend off and think about the situation.”

Koeman added: “He will continue as a football player of Southampton. Now it is up to him.”

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  1. It is a shame when things get like this. The player has put in quite a few years at Southampton and helped make the side what it is. If he now wants to leave for more interesting personal and playing experience, it seems reasonable and shouldn't that be respected? The shame is that when a relationship becomes overbearing and coercive, it will overshadow and ruin what were happier times for Morgan Schneiderlin and Southampton. It's like a marriage where some stupid man, and it usually is the man, refuses to accept that their behaviour makes them ever less attractive to a partner who now sees the marriage is over.

    • Southampton have put the brakes on transfers out …end of story

      also hear that the amount offered was around half southamptons valuation – might get him later (at the end of window) if the offer is higher, but think he will rot in the reserves for a while if he trys to force the issue

      • At the end of the day it's Southampton's loss so think they should just accept the situation and let him move. Saints board and manager are behaving like dictators, first they let most of the good players and the manager go then they try and stop this one? Crazy. If his head has been turned, which it appears it has, then they might as well let him go because he ain't going to want to play for them is he? Can't really blame him, the France manager says he needs European football to keep his place and he's not going to get that at Saints now they've let let all the good players and manager go, Koeman is out of order too accusing Spurs of tapping up. He needs to keep his big mouth shut. His outbursts will just alienate the player more, ditto the chairman.

        • tbh the france manager said that when he joined saints 5 or 6 years back- could be an alsace issue
          he should have been selected before now!

          if he moves to spurs then they were correct – hearing stories of schneiderlin talking loudly in the devere in southampton …… all reports sound correct


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