The spirit of Bill lives on at the new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

An article on the club website describes how spirit of Bill Nicholson lives on with Spurs while the club moves into an exciting stage in its development as the world-renowned club that he did so much to establish.

It describes how our legendary former manager and player,who sadly died on October 23, 2004, ashes – plus those of his beloved wife Darkie – were buried under the White Hart Lane pitch that meant so much to him and then – with the family’s blessing – transferred into safe keeping on a vantage point overlooking the site as the demolition of the old stadium approached. As if Bill was supervising the build.

It goes on to say how Bill and Darkie’s caskets have been re-interred at a specially-selected location below where the new pitch will overlap the old adding this was preceded by a private ceremony attended by the couple’s immediate family.

It adds that Bill’s daughter Jean is delighted that her father has “returned home,” and that her parents remain together.
“My sister Linda and I are so grateful for the respect and affection that everyone at the club continues to show towards our father”,:said Jean. “There is no more fitting memorial than for him to rest below the new pitch, and having Mum by his side makes it even more special.

She added:”Dad’s dream was always for his beloved Spurs to be the best in the world and it is clear that this new stadium project is a giant step towards that aspiration. We are proud that Dad played a major role in developing the club’s history and that his contribution is being remembered in this way.
“We’re sure Dad would have enjoyed watching the current team play, in the way that he always advocated. The fact that the Spurs are taking him with them into the future means so much to us all.”

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  1. I shed a tear. Makes you proud to be a Spurs supporter that in this day and age where money rules and foreign owners buy teams for amusement and ignore the fans, that our club acknowledges its roots and honours the great Bill Nicholson and his wife and family in this way. The game is about Glory, and honour, and style. And this shows that Loyalty, Glory, Honour and Style are important and now literally part of the foundations of our club. Thanks to Daniel Levy for this important gesture of Loyalty to the Club, its Honourable past and Future Glory. COYS

  2. Amen to that, Cliff. My memories of Bill Nicholson go back 70 years to when I saw him playing for Spurs at my first visit to White Hart Lane as a 6 year old. May the appreciation and admiration of all he achieved as a ‘one club’ manager live long in the memory of all Spurs supporters, past, present and still to come. COYS.


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