Spurs 1 WBA 1 – Match rant.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Twenty past five and looking back at Wembley, there’s already some red creeping up the arch that holds up the retractable roof that never retracts. I cannot wait to say goodbye to this shitey place.

Not that I’m saying that we’d have won today if we were playing at White Hart Lane or in Bruce Grove or Down Lane parks, I’m just pointing out that it’s not a good venue for anything other than an overpriced beer and snack selection. Half time was like some sort of locust infestation. You’re coming to football, have a bite before you leave. As your nourishment, don’t rely on a cardboard box of cardboard nachos, a rubber hot dog in a polystyrene bun or some popcorn filled in something that looks like Johnny Vegas’s bladder. Have some self respect. (And don’t buy a half n half scarf FFS).

Nostalgia for White Hart Lane can be never higher than when we play West Brom, the amount of frustrating 1-1 draws we’ve played out against the Baggies over the years got to the level where even the official Twatter account was mentioning it. I suspect you see where I’m going. To paraphrase Roger Daltrey, meet the new ground, same as the old ground.

A draw against the Baggies. Meh. Not ideal but nothing to get worked up about. They came for what they could get, caught a lucky break and made the most of it. Poch made tactical and some quite daring personnel and positional changes and was rewarded with a good equaliser from one of our few proper attempts on goal.

He’ll have learnt a lot about the players but if our lack of pace in attack wasn’t the thing uppermost on his mind as he tucked into his post match Malbec I’ll be disappointed. We can love Trippier and Davies for what they do, Rose and Aurier are the future though. Pace pace pace. Force a mistake, make them hurry, catch them dawdling.

Kane scored but doesn’t look fit, Dele needs a touch of decision making adjustment, Dembélé needs some role readjustment, Eriksen needs more space and Llorente needs a time machine.

Son was excellent and deserves credit.

Two tough away fixtures in the next seven days with a team that’s feeling the pace doesn’t bode well, we’re not known as the Harry Kane team for nothing though, a run of goals from the light of our team and we’re laughing – much like Ben Foster and Mike Jones. What a pair.


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  1. You’re wrong to say aurier is our future over trippier, aurier is a defensive version of sissoko, a physically fit sportsman but not a natural footballer. Trippier provides a touch of class, seem in games against Madrid (as one example) he’s technically gifted, a defensive Eriksen if you will. A lack of pace isn’t the problem, this is not fifa, football is a tactical game and isn’t won strictly on pace. A lack of directness and decision making was our downfall, we lacked playing to our strengths and their weaknesses, our goal came from down the wing yet we continued playing down the centre. Struggling with a champions league hangover is true but not excusable, we need the depth to cope, and yes kane isn’t fully fit but he still bagged a goal, what more can you ask. Maybe if we stick to width play with crosses (which trippier plays a principle part in) Llorente will enjoy more involvement. By no means I’m saying that’s how we should play, we’ve shown class in playing through the centre and some fast paced intelligent football, but teams that park the bus need certain tactics to break down. Today was width play, the next game may be different.

    We need to add so more game changers to our squad, so more sons, a Sanchez would be unreal, someone who changes the way of play, the Tottenham way, so when we’re chasing a game we are able to switch things up if they’re not working. Overall, this is by far the best Tottenham team in years, with a few tweaks here and there, and our new stadium on its way, we will be reaping the rewards.

    • You talk sense dude.. Correct about aurier. When teams Park the bus spurs don't know what to do it seems. Trippier does have at most times a wonder touch on the ball.
      However as you said a few tweaks here and there then things will start to flow.


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