Spurs will never be champions until they win away at a top 6 rival


We will not be champions until we learn how to win at the home of one of our rivals, according to the Sunday Supplement panel on Sky Sports.

We of course lost 2-0 to Arsenal at the Emirates on Saturday meaning that since the Pochettino took over at White Hart Lane in the summer of 2014, We have won just once in 17 Premier League away games against our so called ‘big-six’ rivals.

The article adds however, while we have clearly made huge progress in the intervening three years – so much so that we even went into Saturday’s north London derby as favourites in many people’s eyes – we still need to overcome this particular hurdle to become a “special team”.

“It was not their best performance – Real Madrid was their best performance – but they are moving on in levels,” said the Daily Express sports writer Matt Dunn.

“I think people forget where Tottenham were just two, three years ago before Pochettino arrived.
“They are basically where Arsenal seem to be now, which is playing in the Europa League and getting excited about the north London derby and the hope of getting some bragging rights.
“The whole thing seems to have switched. Regardless of the result, the dynamic has changed in north London.

Dunn added “What they have learned this season is to win after Champions League matches. The game against Palace is a game they would have lost last season.
“What they still have not learned to do, and if they are going to win a title, that is what they have go to, is to beat the big teams [away].
But who does beat the big teams away from home? Pochettino’s record is one win in 17, but all the big teams win at home.

He also said “So to be that special team that can win the title, that is what they have got to crack. They are still growing together, but this is a tough one to crack and they are not there yet.
“They were missing some key players and lacked energy because [Victor] Wanyama was not playing. They have got players who can improve that side, but Arsenal played out of their skins, were the better team and deserved to win.”
Spurs’ one and only away victory against a major rival under

“Pochettino came at Manchester City almost two years ago and it statement-wins like that which show you have what it takes to win the title, according to John Cross.
The Mirrors Chief Football writer continued “Going away to a team and making a big statement-victory is what convinces people that you are genuine contenders,”
He added: “Pochettino and Tottenham have not won at one of their top-six rivals since they won at Man City in February 2016. And their overall record as a club is diabolical against their top-six rivals.
“It was of more significance to Tottenham to make a statement-victory that they can go and win the league.”

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