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Tottenham fans across the country have taken to Twitter today to give their take on the revealing Danny Rose interview released by The Sun this morning, and it’s not pretty.

In an article appropriately coined ‘War Of The Roses’ by The Sun, 27 year old left-back Danny Rose has created chaos at Tottenham just 3 days before their opening game of the new Premier League season after revealing that he would be open to a transfer away from the FA Cup semi-finalists in the near future.

Additionally, Rose called-out Tottenham’s lack of spending in the current transfer window, while also suggesting he’d be frustrated if any new signings were people he’d have to ‘google’ to know who they were.

These outlandish comments have not only caused havoc in the Tottenham camp, but they’ve also completely undermined recent statements of excitement and tranquility from staff and team-mates alike.

Understandably, upon release of the interview social media erupted in response, with the vast majority of Spurs fans slamming the PFA Team of the Year player. Here are some of those responses:

Earlier in the Summer, Danny Rose gave an interview with TalkSport in which the England international was quoted as demanding for Spurs to make a ‘marquee signing’ to bolster their squad ahead of another season in the Champions League.

Although many Spurs fans have denounced Rose’s timing with the comments, there are some who agree that Tottenham need to spend more money and break the wage cap if we are really to compete at the top level.

There is a line of argument present among the Spurs faithful that Rose is merely pointing out a harsh truth:




It is important to note that just 2 days ago an article from The Telegraph suggested that Tottenham’s stance on the left-back had not changed despite renewed interest from Manchester United.

The 27 year old signed a new 5 year contract in July and is rumoured to be earning 65-70k a week.

Personally, I don’t want to read too much into these comments. He’s stated he’d fancy a move up North in the future closer to home, so my initial thoughts here were that he’s talking about retirement age, not about any upcoming transfer windows.

He’s said that he wants the club to spend more money on recognised, reputable players as well as paying current players higher wages. Haven’t we all said that before? He’s speaking as though he’s a fan who wants to see the club succeed. It’s frustrating for us at times, so we can understand it being frustrating for him too, on the inside.

He’s known for his candid nature in interviews and he doesn’t bite his tongue, so I don’t think he’s trying to hint towards anything, he’s just saying what he feels.

I don’t expect Rose to be sold. I don’t expect Rose to push for a move away either. SkySources have already confirmed that he hasn’t submitted a transfer request after all.

My chief concern here is the backlash. Will he get booed again? He hated that last time. Couldn’t he have used some common sense? He must have known no good would come from these comments. The media were already against us, they didn’t need any more ammunition.

It’s unprofessional to speak so casually about the internal workings of the club when you’re currently on the payroll. It’s made a laughing stock of himself and his employers and it’s all come out right before our opening fixture.

I feel as though he should be quietly disciplined by the board and the manager and that’s it, so that we can all move on from this stupid story-line.

What do you think? Are you angry with Rose? Do you think he’ll leave? Or do you agree with me that it’s a silly mistake that should blow over quickly?

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  1. Really shocked at the vitriol and nastiness I`ve read by supporters in the last few weeks for Levy, Sissoko and now Rose

    It`s funny, for years football supporters were not given a voice, and now they are, guess what, turns out most of them are complete morons!

    …..and this is directed at their OWN team, chairman and players on the back of their 2 most successful seasons for 50 years. Are people really that stupid they can`t see that the media try to manipulate and unsettle the best players at the clubs for their own ends. The sad thing is, it works, look at Coutinho at Liverpool and Sanchez at Arsenal.

    It`s just a sad fact of modern football, players come, players go…..accept it and just enjoy the football and support the team

  2. I think the boy should use his brain a lot more. Supporters have got every right to feel aggrieved…..what he did was not needed and unprofessional. He should of spoken to his boss rather than the sun. And why is he attacking the spurs way of developing players? He was one not that long ago. Before poch rose was a Sunderland player. I don’t understand how he can only be motivated to improve if we sign an established player rather than a youngster. Not a great attitude to have. Yes we want big signings but this team is the best he have had in a very long time. It’s hard to improve. If vdv was signed today he would probably be on the bench. Would he accept That? No way

  3. I’d love to dismiss this as mischevious pillow-talk but he’s pretty much gone in at everyone. It’s so out-of-charachter disrespectful that it’s clearly designed to engineer some sort of endgame. The agent is clearly involved. It’s pretty serious.

  4. a player plays for a team. he gets paid a lot lot of money, which normal persons are not in their career.
    these normal persons have got many rules to follow, and should learn to control their mouth, attitude and behaviour constantly, for much less pay.

    so, for a footballer also, he has got to show a certain professional behaviour. we all have many views on many things, but we learn to keep it shut for balance, and smooth running things.

    last year, rose signed a five year contract. why?
    he could have said no, because he has such and such views and he doesnt buy in this one or that one. but he signed the contract for a better pay, and a security ahead. so he eats in a hand, then afterwards pisses in the same hand..
    what professionalism is there in this attitude?

    may be he thinks he is smart and better than everyone…
    if the team bought known stars when he was a fringe player, then he would have been happy?
    what opportunity he would have to come n the lime light??

    today, he, walker, davies, trippier etc have all been doing well. all these happens because the manager and the teams showed belief in them. and now, he is saying the fringe players are not good enough..

    unfortunately, players like these types all rose to a certain level in a short time, then become arrogant and finally slip down quickly also.
    look at balotelli, adebayor, even benteke..
    got a shot at stardom, it goes in their head, rise on the roof to let go their ego then sucks…
    pity for them, only pity..
    not even anger..
    its like reaching beyond the pain-mark..feels no pain
    beyond anger-mark…so no anger..
    only pity

    for future players, before you sign a new contract, say whatever you have to say, clear and high..voice out everything..
    then go for the contract..
    at least the team knows what you think..
    then if they agree, you sign..
    if they dont agree, then you can go and play wherever you want..
    or whoever wants you..

    or if you dont want the team, then dont sign, and let the team seel you, or wait to be a free agent


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