Spurs luke warm but Dragons blow cold

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

A poor Cardiff performance alongside a painfully average Spurs display was enough to tip the scales of mediocrity in Tottenham’s favour this afternoon. Soldado’s first half goal was deserved of his enthusiasm, effort and unselfishness that he has consistently given when he plays, and ushered an audible relief around White Hart Lane. Cardiff found oodles (a scientific measurement of sporting expanse) of space when they broke and if it wasn’t for Dawson, they could have easily had a couple themselves. But then that’s Dawson in a nutshell. His career has equally veered towards England call ups or Gary Doherty’s stand in, and nowhere in between.

Second half was as sloppy as the ‘plebgate’ cover up. Spurs seem to be one of the few teams who can lose possession without any pressure. It can be excruciating to watch.

The last 10 minutes were typically uncomfortable. “1-0’s never comfortable”. Neither’s 2-0 but at least you have two lives left.

We’ll run out of fixtures before we click, that much is certain. The question is, can we do enough to scrape the top four. I personally feel we answered that against Norwich last weekend. We seem destined for fifthness again.

Next up: Away plastic South London lot. Prediction: Chelsea 4 Spurs 1

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  1. Why is it that we have a really strong squad and yet we can never seem to kill off games? It's like the players want to give us fans a heart attack or something. Most games we live on a knife edge instead of trying to get an all important another goal to give us a bit of breathing space. We've won 9 of our 16 league wins by only one goal. How many of our 5 draws should have been wins or our 7 losses should have been at least a draw? Come on Tottenham, we are better than this. At the start of the season we were tipped to be title contenders, now we destined to finish 5th again.


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