The club are making rapid progress towards the completion of the new stadium at White Hart Lane as they look to complete the lift of the roof in the coming weeks according to an article by The Mail.

The article describes how we want to return from Wembley in time for next season and have had construction work going on day and night in our bid to get things finished on time with the latest stage of that involving lifting the 600-tonne roof, and the article says it is described as an ‘immense lift’ by site manager Olly Clarke, with the process taking two-three weeks to rise into position before more work can be undertaken.

It adds that Sportsmail earlier this month revealed the roof is planned to be on by spring which should see the £800million development accelerate to completion.

The public were given an insight into the new stadium’s construction in a behind the scenes video released by the club, site manager Clarke said: ‘What we’ve got are two main bits.
‘The compression ring as we call it, which is basically like a big bicycle wheel, which goes over all the stands and connected on to it, all this spaghetti, which goes down to the inner part of the roof.

Clarke added: “By making this inner part of the roof smaller, pulling these cables together, it then lifts up in the air to create the roof structure, which then carries the roof cassettes to make the roof.
‘There are 10km of structural cable on the job and the hydraulics which feed the jacks there are 20km of hydraulic piping.
‘The roof lift when we pull it up in the air will weigh 600 tonnes so it’s an immense lift.

Clarke went on to say: “The roof itself will take two-three weeks to pull up into the air and during that time as we’re putting that immense force of 20,000 tonnes into these tension cables it will move slowly and slowly and slowly up into the air until it reaches the top.’

It adds that any slight delays in construction and the club will seek help from the fixture schedulers at the Premier League to play the first two or three games of the 2018-19 season away from home but it does stress that more significant delays, although not expected, may see manager Mauricio Pochettino and his team play another year at Wembley.

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