Spurs vs Man City: Match Prediction

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tonight at 11:05 pm Premier League rivals Manchester City provide Tottenham’s final test of their International Champions Cup campaign, and I can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Against PSG we won comfortably, but we got lucky because the ‘keeper thought he was playing basketball and ended up taking an early shower just 20 seconds into the second half. Against Roma we lost, but we got unlucky because the referee and Kevin Wimmer had a bet on that the Italian side would beat us.

Because of that it’s pretty difficult to judge just how well we could play tonight. Judging by the team-sheets these two managers will be looking to make a statement with tonight’s match.

Tottenham haven’t been getting the best reviews from our rivals in recent times. Antonio Conte reckons it doesn’t matter when we don’t win anything, because we don’t aspire to as much as the other top 6 teams. And Jose Mourinho reckons it’s a miracle that, of our first-team, only Kyle Walker has left us. He must have seriously believed he was going to sign Eric Dier. Hilarious. Anyway, Pochettino’s had to come out again in defence of Tottenham’s transfer policy. The message from our camp is: you don’t have to spend big money to challenge and improve.

Whereas, Guardiola’s Manchester City have proved to be polar opposites to us so far this window. They’ve spent roughly £130 million on full-backs alone. The rest of their business has taken their spending over the £200 million mark, which is simply staggering. They’ve spent more on their defence this year than the entire country of Albania. But the saddest part is that they actually needed to. They practically released most of their defence at the beginning of Summer, in what’s turned out to be a defensive over-haul. The message from their camp is: we have the power and we’re not afraid to use it.

Imagine if they lost to us. That’s why I can’t wait. Imagine how embarrassing that’d be. The newly refurbished, multi-hundred million pound, luxury penthouse losing to the proud, trendy and affordable B&B. I know it’s only really a friendly, but picture Kyle Walker’s face. Or better yet, imagine if Pep played his strongest team and Kyle was on the bench!

But don’t get me wrong, City will provide an awkward hurdle to jump tonight. Earlier in the competition they were beaten comprehensively 2-0 by their arch-rivals Manchester United, which prompted quite the response in their second game, where they tore Spanish giants Real Madrid a new one in a 4-1 win. It’s results like these that Pep’s gone on a spending spree for. He’s used to winning, so I doubt he’ll be taking any prisoners from now on. This is Pep Guardiola with his finger out and the bank empty, and a game against title hopefuls Tottenham Hotspur is the perfect platform for him to set the record straight after a majorly disappointing debut in England.

As I’ve said, if Man City are about to give us a real go, I’d like us to follow suit and go all guns blazing and if the last few games have been anything to go on, we’re guaranteed goals and plenty of drama.

I’m confident we’re better than them, I don’t care how much they spend on full-backs. So, I predict 3-1 Tottenham.

Do you agree? What’s your prediction?

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  1. what a joke prediction. after man city beat real Madrid 4-1, you really think we would have em over like that?!
    ive just watched the game, all over us. we looked exhausted and out of answers. didn’t show up at all. a few glimmers of skill but not the spurs of last season. hopefully this isn’t any indication of whats to come. im sure once our lads get back on these shores, they will turn it on.

  2. lol,could and should of been ten.kieran Trippier is a better right back than Walker, lmfao.thats just a dig at the Author of this post.I genuinely like and admire Tottenham but the truth is that the last 2 years of the premier league has been a transitional period for most teams,ffs leicester won the league.Now everyone have really strenghtened if Levy doesnt invest after all the hard work Spurs could just fade away


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