Spurs players will hinder England’s chances insists Arsenal hero

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Arsenal hero Tony Adams has told the Sun that Spurs players do not know how to win and that he fears England’s chances at the World Cup will be affected by their lack of success.

There are five Spurs players captain Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Danny Rose, Eric Dier and Kieran Trippier — in the England squad, and Adams said their inability to win a trophy at club level means they do not possess a winning mentality.

“You must be able to handle winning emotionally and mentally and if they don’t know how to win it, they aren’t going to win it,”:Adams said.

He added: “I’m really worried about these Tottenham players. I don’t think they know how to win. They’re very good players, but at certain points in seasons and tournaments, you have to step up. There’s a psyche [that] players must have.”

Adams also believes that England’s relative inexperience will also work against them.

“Teams who win World Cups usually have a real anchor, such as Sergio Ramos or Fabio Cannavaro,” Adams said. “England haven’t got that rock.

He added: “And we’re going into tournament without a [Gianluigi] Buffon, a champion goalkeeper, and that’s let us down before. Great keepers and centre-backs were what the English were brought up on.”

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  1. Look at the whole England squad and see how many players have won something at club level.
    This is so small minded and just petty rivalry from an old arsenal player .His winning mentality didn’t help England win anything when he was playing.This is the time to get behind the England sqaud not try to tare it down with petty club rivalries .
    Grow up Mr Adams. you were a very good player but in this you are very wrong
    Andy Spurs and England fan

  2. England have had players who have won things in the past.. including Tony Adams, and how did that help the England National Team? Stupid comment from someone trying to stay relevent! Petty moron!

  3. Why didn’t England win anything when you and especially Utd players were in the England team? What a load of boollax Adams talks! He’s nearly as bad as the piss head junkie Merson

  4. Well maybe he should get on to his beloved Arsenal and tell them to buy some English players then, same as the rest of the league. Spurs shouldn’t be victimised for having more English players…..idiot!!!. England have not got a winning mentality as a team anyway. Teams we should sweep aside, we struggle with. We are over hyped by the press as it is, without him crawling out his hole. Maybe he should get behind the team rather than spewing his negativity.

  5. What a compliment O_O!!! So that means for all the “TROPHIES” won by Man City, Man Utd, Chealsea and Arse. Their players are still lesser Spurs players and contribute nothing to the team.

  6. And what, exactly, did you ever win with England Tony? Nothing. At least the Tottenham lads have a bit of skill about them.

  7. Well said Andy Rogers, I couldn’t put it better myself. At least England will get out of their group this time, I’m very confident on that happening.

  8. And what did Arse nil win outside of domestic trophies, sweet FA , while Spurs have a few nice European trophies in their cabinet, so with Adams stupid comments the Spurs have a better mentality outside the domestic game?

  9. I seem to remember a certain Van Basten corkscrewing Adams into the ground in (I think) 1998. If England have always had great goalkeepers and great defenders (anyone in mind, Adams?) how come they’ve won bugger all since ’66? As usual, he’s talking out of his Arse – in both senses.

  10. And there was me hoping that he would be invited to be the next Arsenal manager. He has a winning mentality, pity he couldn’t transmit it to the players when he failed miserably at Wycombe etc., etc!

  11. Oh dear. More Spurs bashing. First the press trying to destabilise our club by spreading crap about players and manager leaving, now an ex gooner putting in his 10 pence worth. Playing for England I thought was club irrelevant, just a team of our best players being well managed by a non biased manager. Talking of management,Tony, how’s yours going? Oh yeah, shit. Sacked everywhere you’ve been.

  12. The bottom dwelling Sun so called newspaper always want opinions from dunces and scum and they’ve picked a real jem in donkey Adams. The guy’s a 100% thick cunt apart from being a drunk, just like his mate Merson. As most of you’ve pointed out already, England won fuck all when donkey and his arse buddies were in the side or the mob from Manure. It’s painfully obvious the guy is trying to score brownie points with the scum from the library with his comments but anyone with half a brain will laugh him off as a has been drunk and nothing more.

  13. it was bad enough having an octopus predict games now we have donkey ffs get a life mate no one cares, you ,Campbell we dont give one.

  14. Hey mr adams,England team should but all arsenal players,then they will win the world cup….rubbish.how many cup you have bring for England.spurs players are better,for that they have been selected.


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