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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It is a sad fact that most of today’s Spurs fans/supporters have never seen their team play in their true colours. I speak, of course, about the curse of advertising money that has seen our team along with the rest of the sporting world sell their heritage.

In my dreams of managing/owning Tottenham my very first step would be to remove all advertising from the playing strip.

I want every single player to be impressed with the fact that they are playing for Tottenham & it’s loyal supporters – not some beer, banking or finance company. YOU ARE PLAYING FOR TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR.

Maybe, just maybe the club & in particular the players have lost sight loyalty & pride. This is reflected in our players supposedly playing in Tottenham’s colours looking for all the world like some upper marketing sandwich board of logos. The money received for selling your soul is simply not worth it & that is what our management/accountants have done. Bring back the traditional ‘Lilleywhites’ & stick with it, not multicolour advertising logos  that change every season. I am convinced that the home ground Spurs roar would be truly reignited & inturn instil a greater sense within the players that they are playing for great club with a long history.

I have no idea how much THFC earns from the denigration of it’s playing strip nor of course whether the players care less & I guess that’s whole point. Do the players care less about not playing in Tottenham’s true colours  ( are they even aware of them ) or is now just a job with any club & any advertiser !!!

Bring back the Pride & the Passion when the players pull on the real Spurs strip & come onto the ground as a great team – Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

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  1. While there may be a lack of pride and passion the uniform is not going to change that. I have seen inspired performances in all kinds of kits, including kits that are weird third alternates or ones which look nothing like the club. If anything, because sponsorship is so prevalent on literally everyone's kits, one could argue that it doesn't take anything away because it is a part of everyone's jersey's. This includes a U13 girls kit. It is admirable to desire a traditional jersey that maybe shifts the focus onto club, but I think it is foolish to believe that is the cause of a lack of passion exhibited at Tottenham Hotspur or any other club. Our players need to play with passion for the badge, the fans, and the community; however, taking hp or aia of the shirt is not going to solve the problem.

  2. Somewhat naive ! I understand your point but it is sponsorship money we really need and so do clubs at all levels. If you made the point that changing colours like from the Bluebirds to some red team without a nickname (Cardiff) or renaming grounds "The Emirates" is sh*t as a name compared to Highbury (both sh*t compared to White Hart Lane !!) or renaming teams The Hull Pussies (or something) than your article would be more interesting and pertinent. Even if you said never red in the context of AIA then I would be interested.

  3. Having some brand name on our shirts has not and will not change any pride to put on a Spurs shirt. It pays for the players we are buying. Take away the advertisements will take away money from the club which will take away our ability to buy quality players.
    I really don't care or never have done what name is on our shirt. The only important thing for me is our badge.

  4. Fair comments, guys, but I did say in my dreams ! I am fully aware that the sums of advertising money are far too big to turn down. It is just a shame it has to be. COYS !!!


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