Spurs release season ticket prices for new stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The club have released season ticket prices ahead of our first campaign at our new home.

The new ground will hold a capacity in excess of 62,000, with 42,000 of those seats allocated to season ticket holders.

And today’s announcement sees the cheapest ticket at our new stadium, built on the old White Hart Lane site,setting fans back £795 – just £30 more than the cheapest seat at the Lane.

However the most expo ticket, priced at £1995, equates to an increase of £295 from the current highest offering at Wembley Stadium, our temporary home while building work continues on the Tottenham High Road.

An article in the London Evening Standard says the club have put serious thought, and investment, into the matchday experience.

The new concourses are built in part with aggregate from White Hart Lane, it boasts an ‘unrivalled standard of finish’ with bespoke feature bars, one stretching the length of the South Stand goal line, and an on-site microbrewery.

It’s added that entertainment will also continue after the whistle, with DJ sets, Q&A’s with club legends and other activities keeping fans entertained at the ‘Market Place’

What do you think about the new prices? Let us know your thoughts.

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  1. It’s too expensive, the additional time at the stadium should have been where revenue was increased to cover the costs, rather than the ticket itself. I feel sorry for supporters that will over extend themselves because they live for the club. Especially with the tv rights.

  2. Please don’t make it out to be near the old prices! “Just £30 more than the cheapest seats at the Lane”? That is for a very very small portion of 1 and 1/2 sections for people with a junior spurs member only!! The average seat has gone up by 30-30% Levy stealthily took out the remaining cup games last year and has now increased the tickets as well as the capacity. This year after 25 years of having a Season ticket and 36 years of going will be my last. As Burkinshaw famously said “there used to be a football club over there…”

  3. Levy taking a leaf out of the seriously overpriced season tickets at The Arsenal . Don’t make the same mistakes . Expect your hard core to watch from pub big screens and the ground get full of one match wonders buying from the club shop or season ticket holders leasing their tickets for the games they don’t want.
    The Arsenal include seven cup matches in theirs , league cup not included but heavily discounted . Expect the initial period to be exciting but after a while when the novelty wears off and the reality of cost starts to take a toll that’s when the hard core start to disappear.
    Try to keep the Paxton/Park lane rivallry going if you mix them together it won’t work just ask your friendly North Bank / Clockenders now all sat in the same area except most to be found on match days in or around the Pins or the Tolly.

  4. We are being ripped off , after waiting all this time for new stadium and promises to the fans we have been proved put. Mmost fans are most fans ate not interested in after match entertainment especially at the prices thay will be charged for refreshments, club can’t even use players wages as an excuse. I am so disappointed

  5. Absolutely fuming! we need to start a campaign to sort this out. We have 4 season tickets in our house, and that cost has just nearly doubled to £3,500. It’s outrageous.
    Also, are the middle tiers on East & West Stands for corporate only? Please no


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