In summary. What the ?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

A semi final that was so much looked forward to by the fans was shrugged aside by the managers leaving us with a contest preloaded with excuses and reasons no matter who won or lost. When the meat is boiled to the bones, a Chelsea team deprived of its main attacking talents and a Spurs side deprived of the best defence in the division left us with a tragic comedy of a game.

So much of it went against type (apart from Atkinson’s weak refereeing which deserves a Power Point presentation by itself), and so much was decided by flukey one offs.

Number 1. In the week where the PFA team of the season selection is mocked due to the lack of Alderweireld, Toby gives away a free kick and gets booked. He never fouls. He never gets yellowed. Wiilian scores.

Number 2. Son at left wing back? Even if Davies was injured, not so badly that he wasn’t on the bench, what the actual? It’s bordering on the suicidal. Mental. Son’s challenge, Penalty.

Number 3. Our subs. N’Koudou and Walker. Their subs. Hazard, Costa and Fabregas. They’ve done sweet nothing all second half, they score from their first half chance.

Number 4. Blimey. I’d like to see him do it again. Jammy twat.

Number 5. Wembley is such a shithole. Why on earth are we planning on playing any games whatsoever at a stadium that is too big for our style and that we cannot buy a break at? It’s a disaster.

I’m on the train on the way home, the bloke next to me has just told his mate that at least ‘supper won’t be too late. It looked like it was heading for extra time’. Blimey.

For the next few days at least, I’ve had enough.

Palace on Wednesday. As the players are so fond of saying, we go again.


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