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This season, we are the most talked about team. We owned the transfer market in sales, in purchases, in talent and now in this season we are around because of Andros Townsend and our results…which have surprisingly not been a cat walk. With the talent brought in this season, everyone expected us to be right on top with results and goal getting. It hasn’t happened yet.

I was there at the Hull game and it being my first home game, I expected the fans to be loud, singing their hearts out and being the best 12th man there is. The game was slow and there was too much to expect. So I wouldn’t blame either AVB or the fans. AVB put on a strong side, but the players didn’t perform at their best, whereas, the fans didn’t give enough support throughout the match.

The frustrations that came after the Hull game are clear indications of what the fans are expecting from the club at the moment. It’s to ace these fixtures and keep consistency in winning most of our games. A draw, a defeat, it’s no more in our books. The fans have evolved over the years and with the likes of the players that have been brought in, the club has too. But the fans have quicker than the club which makes it difficult for us to accept any result other than 3 points.

As a club, we are evolving in terms of football. We used to play complete counter attacking football under Harry Redknapp. Under AVB, we had that established last season but this time around he is building a stronger team and playing a more tactical game rather than just pure counter attacking football. We should have expected that with AVB coming in for the club. This is now his team, his players and us as his fans should back his decisions, no matter how frustrating it may be.

If you think about it in a positive way, maybe AVB is confident about that Champions League spot and believes these small fixtures can help us build confidence in possession getting, having a stronger defensive force and improving player involvement. By next season, the goals will be there and since we have all of the above established, it can be a successful campaign.

This season is going to have alot of ups and downs. I am confident that we can win Europa League, I am also confident that we will make it to the top 4 but I’d like us to perform better in the Premier League, get in more goals, make the fans think “This is our time now, what we’ve been waiting for!”

If you look back on the years, we wouldn’t have expected buy so much quality. We’ve always had 2-3 world class internationals but never so many all together. With an amazing youth system as well, we are developing so quality home grown talent and in terms of results, we just need to have patience. This is a new Tottenham Hotspur and as fans we should be backing the whole management team in good times and bad because TO DARE IS TO DO.

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  1. I don't blame the players. The system stifles them. Soldado is isolated, and easily snuffed out by the CBs. He spends the whole game frustrated. Lennon was played on the left, but the only time that this has worked is when Bale was on the other side, so that Lennon had Bale cross to. Townsend is nothing like Bale in that respect – so Lennon has no reason to cross. There is little point in playing Lennon other than on the right. Townsend is hogging the right wing position, but whilst he has shown bright performances, there has been little substance thus far – a flukey goal and no assists. I am pretty sure that he could still perform brightly on the left wing. We play Holtby/Eriksen behind Soldado, but this guy NEEDS to get into the box when a crossing opportunity arises. This would allow Soldado to find more space in the box, and the crosser has more to aim at. Even the winger on the other side need to get into the box more. The wingers are also too far wide. This gives them little chance to find space and do anything with the ball. It also makes passing to them more difficult as they are further away. I have no problem with patient build up play – but at the moment our passing and movement is poor. I have no problem with 1-0 victories, but we are scraping these victories through good fortune more than outclassing the opposition – and not strong opposition at that. What I do not like is seeing my team having an embarrassment of riches squad-wise and not showing them in their best light.

    • I've said this in an earlier article (not sure which) but Manchester City, after buying the top class squad took atleast 2 years to find their best form. Compared to them, we have an advantage because its the same manager and some of the same players which makes it easier for us. It'lltake time but when it happens, it'll be for the best

  2. Agreed, it will take game time to assimilate all the talents now assembled at White Hart Lane, including Lamela. This is the best squad of talented players I can recall ever assembled by the club in my experience of half a century. We do though urgently need a left sided full back asap to compete with and, or, deputise for Danny Rose. AM.

  3. Agreed – good to see Ade back on the bench as well as an option up front. Lets hope he gets a run in during the domestic cup matches (which we should use as a substitute for training rather than trying to win them). COYS

    • Exactly. Each competition is crucial for us because it helps maintain confidence for the players who are not playing in the Premier League. That is important when you have a huge squad depth


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